Does anybody remember the show called The House of Mouse? If you do than it's about Mickey Mouse and his pals showing animated short films and live stage performances infront of various disney characters. But what I found out is that there was actually an episode which was supposed to be the final episode of the entire show. I actually managed to find this at my local Best Buy near my house. The cashier told me that it was $19.00 so I paid her the money and she wished me goodbye after I left to which I responded by waving goodbye at her. When I got home I opened the case only to find a VHS tape that read "The House of Mouse: Series Finale" written in purple sharpie. I was very curious about it so I went downstairs to my basement, turned on my TV and preceded to put the tape into my VCR.

Normally there would be advertisements for various disney movies and a menu screen, but no. None of that showed up, it just went straight to the episode. As the intro started the theme song sounded perfectly normal. But something was off, nobody came into the building and the logo was filled with inverted colors instead of the typical red, white and blue that it normally had.

After the intro ended the screen went to black and faded into the outside of the building with the name of the episode which was called "The House Goes Downhill." it then faded to the inside to the building but all of the seats were all empty. Then Mike the Microphone appeared and said "Hello everybody! What? Oh yeah, there are no guests here, sorry about that! Anyway, here's Mickey Mouse! After that happened, Mickey Mouse introduced himself, but when he realized that there was no audience, he then went to Minnie Mouse who was putting her makeup on and said "Minnie, where are all the guests?" Minnie simply replied with "I don't know, maybe they don't feel like watching our performaces today." Mickey then went to Goofy who was mopping the floors and told him "Goofy, have you seen our guests?" Goofy checked his watch and replied with "Gawrsh, it's only been a few hours. They should be here right now." Mickey then went to Donald and Daisy who were at the cashier and asked them if the guests are coming or not. They simply told him that they have not seen them since the time that they were supposed to come here. Pluto then ran up to Mickey and he licked him for about 7 times. He than told Pluto that the guests had not arrived yet. Pluto then whined sadly but Mickey cheered him by saying "Don't worry pal! I'll promise our guests will be here soon!" Mickey then patted Pluto on the head and he gave him a wink for his promise.

Mickey then walked out of the building to see if any guests where here and luckily, all of the Disney characters, including various characters from Gargoyles, Bonkers, DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers and TaleSpin started making their way into the building where the House of Mouse was located. Mickey then went inside telling all his friends that the guests have arrived. When they hear this, they immediately started cheering and proceeded to get everything ready in time for the guests to show up. After everyone was in their seats, Mike the Microphone began to introduce Mickey Mouse, Mickey walked up onstage and said to the audience "We're going to put a special cartoon on so be prepared!" The audience responded by whistling and cheering. Mickey than said "But first does anybody have to use the restroom before it starts?" Nobody raised their hand, indicating that they were prepared. Mickey than said "OK, Now here's a cartoon that's sure to make you smile!" Mickey then walked offstage as the screen turned on. When it turned on there was nothing but static. It lasted for 30 seconds until the audience immediately started booing at the static that was screen. Mickey immediately hears this and goes to were Horace is at as tells him what's wrong with the cartoons. Horace then explained to Mickey that the projector was too broken to be fixed. Mickey was then came onstage again saying "Ladies and Gentleman, we unfortunantely can't show any cartoons at the moment because our projector is extremely damaged." After he said this the audience was completely silent. Goofy then walked up on the stage where Mickey is and says "But don't feel bad, we've got some tasty delicacies in our kitchen!" When he said that, the audience then starts applauding and cheering.

The screen then fades to a scene where Goofy is serving platters with various foods on them. One of which had Lady and Tramp getting served the classic spaghetti and meatballs that was shown in the restaurant scene from the classic Lady and The Tramp movie. Another had Br'er Fox getting what looked like the Chicken and Waffles meal from KFC along with Br'er Bear who got a double bacon and cheeseburger with onion rings on the side and Br'er Rabbit who got a stack of red velvet pancakes. Snow White was given a parmesan caesar salad, Baloo and Louie were given a subway roast beef sandwich with potato chips and a berry burst salad, Robin Hood and Maid Marian were given a filet o fish sandwich with French fries dipped in barbeque sauce along with a pot pie, Winnie The Pooh was given a peanut butter and honey sandwich, Honest John Foulfellow was given a grilled steak with sunnyside up eggs and bacon, while Gideon was given a chicken burrito with a dortios locos taco and the rest of the Disney characters were given food that looked pretty disgusting in my opinion. The guests manage to chow down on the food that they were given for a bit. That is until they immediately spat out the gross mixture that was in their mouths and started to complain about the food tasting really fowl. Goofy apologizes to them by saying that the food that they were given had swamp water and bacteria in it due to the kitchen being very dirty. Then, Prince John slapped a piece of mushroom pizza onto Goofy and said "I could've had White Castle instead of this piece of rubbish!" "Same with me, Sire!" Sir Hiss shouted. "I could've had Arby's as well!" the Sheriff of Nottingham yelled. After that, all of the guests started throwing their food at Goofy as he ran into the kitchen to clean it up. Donald Duck walks into the scene and yells "WHAT IS IT WITH ALL OF THIS MADNESS!?" Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing as Don Karnage walked up to Donald Duck and said "It's that waiter that has given us these filthy delicacies!" Donald was shocked to hear this and says "Don't worry sir, I'll do something to make you smile". Don Karnage then pulls out his sword and says "Oh you better plunderer, or else we'll slice you up into pieces. Isn't that right men?" Multiple air pirates that were behind Don Karnage replied with "Of course Mr. Karnage!" Donald immediately runs to the backstage room as the scene fades to black. After a few seconds of a black screen, it fades to Mike The Microphone announcing that somebody new will be performing for tonight's concert. All of the Disney characters cheered with excitement as Scrooge McDuck began to sing "She Works Hard For The Money" while twerking and throwing dollar bills all over the place. After 2 minutes through the song, the audience than started to through rocks at him while insulting him with mean phrases such as "Your dance moves are horrible!" and "Go burn in hell you sick old bastard!" Once Scrooge McDuck hears about this he immediately stops and looks at the audience who all had angry expressions plastered onto their faces as he walks offstage looking miserable.He then walks into the backstage area telling Huey, Dewey and Louie that his performance wasn't as good as it would be. They than tell Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Minnie and Pluto about this as Mickey comes in looking confused and asks "What's going on here fellas?" Huey replied with "Uncle Scrooge's stage performance wasn't as impressive as he thought it would be."

Mickey is shocked to hear this as it cuts to the audience bickering with each other. Mickey then comes onstage and says in a depressed voice "Hi there everybody, we're very sorry that our show didn't go as we planned. But at least we tried our best." After he said that, Brer Fox shouted "Are you kidding me? That was the most dumbest night club we've ever been to!" "You know what? We finally had enough of this bullshit!" Chancellor Trample said in angry tone. "And to make matters worse, WE ARE GOING TO END YOU ALL WHETHERE YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!" Demona shouted as her eyes started to glow green. All of the guests (minus Jafar, Maleficent, Demona and Hades) got out of there seats and pulled out various weapons such as grenades, sniper rifles, pistols etc. Mickey Mouse notices this and says "Please calm down everyone, it's only a mistake that we've made". Then all of a sudden Stromboli pointed his rifle on the video screen and shot it. "How do you like that I destroyed the video screen?" Stromboli said with a sinister smile on his face. Mickey Mouse replied with nothing and runs away in a panic while all of the guests started to run after him.

Mickey Mouse runs into the backstage were Donald, Pluto, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, Horace, Clarabelle, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Scrooge McDuck and Max are sitting on the ground in fear and join them. "Thank goodness you're here Mickey!" Minnie said as she hugged him. "Aw gosh, you're welcome!" Mickey said as he smiled at her. Then they all see the guests looking very frustrated as they held out there weapons. "You are all going to pay for what you have all done!" Pete said in an angry tone. Clarabelle told them "What do you mean? We only trying our best!" Smarty then said "We don't give a shit about your stupid antics. NOW GET READY TO DIE!" The screen then cut to an outside view of the House of Mouse while sounds of gunshots, explosions and chainsaws could be heard as well as the painful screams of Mickey and his pals. It then went back inside where the mutilated bodies of Mickey and his pals were shown as well as the rest of the Disney characters who had satisfied looks on their faces. Then Goliath said to everybody "Now that we destroyed these pathetic people, it's time to have a blast!" All of the Disney characters cheered as it fades to a scene were all of characters are having sex, pole dancing, playing cards and drinking beer while the song "Shake It" by Metro Station played in the background. This goes on for about 2 minutes before it fades outside of the night club where the house of mouse sign is replaced by a sign that read "Mainstreet Strip Club". It went to the credits, but the music was replaced with "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green and the sky was green like a tornado had come. The tape then cut to static and I then decided to take the tape out of the VCR and decided to throw it away. It was such a weird but terrible episode to watch. I hope I can find a better VHS tape or DVD of the same show.

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