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So, I'm sure we all heard of Hey Duggee. It was a Kindergarten british TV show were a group of children known as the squirrels face problems and when they solve those problems, Duggee gives them a badge, at the end of each badge they get a Duggee hug. There are 5 characters in the show, Tag the Rhino, Happy the Crocodile, Roly the Hippo, Norrie the Mouse, and Betty the Octopus. Well what if I told you that there was an alternate version of "The Grandparents Badge" episode that actually not a lot of people know about?

It all began in September 24, 2019, at aproximately 4:27 PM, I was going to a local grocery store store to search for some movies on Blu-Ray since it had a disc section, until I came across some DVD. I went to go checkout the disc. I paid for it, and the cashier told me before I left "This was supposed to be the alternative version of The Grandparents Badge. But it got cut out because, they know that it can creep people out. Whatever you do, don't talk about this disc to anyone else!" I thanked him, kept my promise, and never told anyone else about the tape. I then took the tape home with me, inserted it into my Samsung Blu-Ray Player (it also plays DVDs) and played the episode.

The Episode[]

The episode started out with something that wasn't normal, there was a picture of the Squirrels with angry expressions in their faces while their bodies were covered in blood in a room with maroon-colored walls and a wooden floor, with their Grandparents' corpses. It lasted for one whole minute before the episode finally started.

The title card was normal, but the background was now Candy Apple Red-ish. The episode started out normal with the Squirrels tidying up for their Grandparents to come and visit.

The audio was normal but when it was showing the Grandparents coming in, I have to tell you it wasn't quite right. Instead of Tag's grandmother jumping from a plane, she jumped from a building, and her parachute broke and fell. She hit the floor and landed on a traffic sign. The rest of the Squirrels grandparents also had really gruesome and weird deaths, Betty's granddad's boat was slowly rotting and breaking away, and her granddad was crying, and it wasn't the normal cartoon crying, the crying sounded somewhat realistic, like the actor was crying over someone's death. Happy's grandmother was pulling the heavy bus, she lifts it and threw it up in the sky and then fell on her as blood starts to come from the outside of the bus, which crashes into pieces. This got even more weirder, Roly's granddad came in and the truck just malfunctioned and the car battery exploded. Norrie's Grandmother drove into a cliff, the episode suddenly then continues like normal, until the narrator said "Yes! Who would like to get their fate first- I'm sorry, who wants to tell their story?"

When Tag and his grandmother told their story, It weirdly showed pictures of unsettling images, such as a burnt corpse of a hippopotamus, a pair of dead rats, a Glock-17 with blood under it and with the slide locked back followed by a bleeding arm painted around in a baby blue-colored paint (possibly representing Tag's grandmother) with shot wounds and with a 9×19mm Parabellum-style bullet plodged into the wrist, and other images that I don't really remember, after all those images, it cut right back to the episode.

After the narrator said how lovely that story was, the screen suddenly cuts to black for 1 second before it came back with the Squirrels, Duggee and their grandparents with angry expressions in their faces, and with some weird droned bagpipe noises playing on the background. Then, I heard a voice resembling that of Tag's saying "For the guy that found this disc, you are going to be unlucky enough to do this. This disc was never supposed to be found! BUT YOU WERE THE ONE WHO FOUND THIS DISC! GRANT ORCHARD, GO DIE IN A FUCKING FIRE!" I never thought somebody would ever swear in a preschool show. And I heard another voice resembling that of Happy's grandmother saying "He's right, FUCK YOU GRANT ORCHARD, FUCK YOU FOR MAKING US LOOK LIKE FREAKS BACK IN MARCH 2012!" I thought to myself, how did those voices know that Grant Orchard included them, and the date for them to exist in? I heard another voice resembling that of Betty saying "FUCK YOU GRANT ORCHARD, AND FUCK THE GUY WHO FOUND THIS DISC! YOU BOTH SHOULD GO BURN IN HELL!"The screen cuts to black again and plays like normal. The Squirrels' grandparents are telling their stories, and the rest of the stories also had images popping out even with the same images from Tag and his grandmother's story showing up too. But for some reason it skipped Roly and his Granddad's story with a pitch black screen.

Then it cut to Norrie's story but was the same one as the original episode, when they broke Norrie's ship on accident, Norrie's grandmother said "Our ship!" like she did in the original episode. Norrie then said in anger "WHY ROLY WHY?! YOUR GRANDDAD BROKE OUR SHIP! THAT'S IT! I HAD IT!" Norrie then grabbed a pair of Micro Uzis that was strangely dropped on the floor then everyone gasped in horror, Norrie's grandmother then said in worry "NORRIE! IT'S OK! WE CAN BUILD IT AGAIN! YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS! JUST PUT THE GUNS DOWN AND WE CAN FIX IT!" I couldn't believe what I was watching, I really just couldn't believe what I was watching. Norrie said "FUCK YOU GRANDMOTHER! YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND!" The screen then faded to black, and I could hear Micro Uzis firing, blood splattering and screaming. The screen then faded back everyone shot by the bullets, except Norrie's grandmother and Norrie herself, Then Norrie's grandmother said "Nor.... Norrie?!, What have you had done?!" Then she said in a depressed voice "I hated them for all they've done, I needed to do something about it. Goodbye, Grandmother..." Norrie then grabbed one of her Uzis, cocks it to her mouth and then shoots herself 3 times before running out of ammo, with her head exploding into blood, leaving her grandmother with the dead bodies.

Her grandmother then cried in depression but it wasn't the original cartoon cry, it sounded somewhat hyper-realistic, like if her voice actor was crying over someone's death, she then grabbed a rope and stood onto a stool, she hoisted the rope into a noose, the camera's then cuts to a wall with the shadow of Norrie's grandmother putting it around her neck and kicked the stool and the speakers then make a realistic choking sound. The screen then cut to static for 1 second before it cuts to an image of Norrie's grandmother hanging on a noose on a yellow background, with burgundy-colored text in the Arial font that said "You've ruined my life Grant Orchard, this will go to everywhere where Hey Duggee airs, I will ruin your reputation for this show. This is all your fault, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! I WILL KILL YOU FOR FIRING ME!!" then it cut to the credits with Duggee's rotting corpse, but the backgrounds were colored silver and the music is replaced with the same droned bagpipe noises from earlier.


I tried to think of what I had just watched. I couldn't believe my eyes, now I understand what he meant by it being an alternate episode. So I smashed the disc with a sledgehammer, took it to the local dumpster and threw it into a fire in a barrel. I felt worried about Grant Orchard and e-mailed him about the episode I watched and told him that someone was threatening to kill him, he then replied to me and said:

"Hello, we are sorry about the episode you watched, you see we had an actor from the show and had to fire him because he turned into a mad man. His name was Colin McFarlane, he voiced Betty's and Roly's Granddads, and got sent out to the mental hospital, after we fired him the woman that voiced Norrie's Grandmother, said that he kidnapped her so she could help him create this alternate version that you ended up watching, and if she didn't help him then he would kill her. I'm really sorry about this. We'll try to make sure this doesn't happen again, thank you and have a nice day.

-Grant Orchard"

After that message, I had hallucinations around me when I was about to sleep, had very depressing thoughts, and thought those characters from that episode were watching me. I had to go see a therapist about this, after seeing him I went home and got myself some good sleep. If you find a copy of this disc, then don't get it, it's for your own good and I don't want you to end up like me, take the shit out of the disc as you can. Be yourself, be you. But until I went on YouTube to look for more Hey Duggee episodes to watch just for the plot, I saw what I couldn't believe with my own eyes. It was an exact replica of the episode that I watched on the disc, but I noticed that the episode was the same but there were some things left out from the same episode. The replica had everything just like the episode but without the silver-colored background from the credits, Duggee's corpse and the droned bagpipe noises, and it's silent.