It was October 20, 2019. The last day of high school was here, but it was cancelled due to those stupid storms. I was watching CBeebies on demand until I saw that message that said: “If you would like to see the brand new halloween special of Hey Duggee, then watch it in BBC in the next few days! Only on CBeebies!” I decided to change the channel into BBC (I don't know why it did air in BBC).

A few days later, I decided to change the channel to BBC again because I got bored after watching Cartoon Network. It started with the normal intro and title card, after that, the episode started with a view of the clubhouse at night and it then zoomed into a window. Duggee was seen looking what appears to be a prophecy on a calendar. He then woofed in fright. The Squirrels then came and asked him what he was doing. He woofed and pointed his finger into a badge, the badge looked like a bloodstained jack-o-lantern with a hockey mask on it. The narrator said that the Squirrel Club has a prophecy. The narrator then said “Each night on Halloween when we get a quarter "moon", The Dog appears and starts to kill every child that he can see.”

And then it cut to the sky as a quarter moon appeared, it then later cut to inside of the clubhouse, Duggee was twitching. The parents came in, but Duggee crushed them by Duggee Hugging them. He then got out a chainsaw, he ran with it and sliced his head off by accident.

His soul flew out and possessed Norrie as the camera went to Norrie. Norrie then grabbed a razor knife and grabbed and then trimmed a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern. Then it cut to the Bamboo Forest, Chew Chew was seen mauling the red ladybug to death. After that, it went into a view of the of the clubhouse, the ants then ran to the jack-o-lantern, when they are inside, they are burning to death. After that, it zooms out to reveal Norrie opening the doors while slapping her face, I laughed at this point (It kinda reminds me of that cartoon logic), but Norrie ended up into a street and she then got hit by a car and then, Duggee’s soul came out. He then arrived at a corner of a gas station and he decapitated the Angry Bull and strangled King Tiger (who the duo are resting). After this scene, it cut to the chickens, they walked until they saw a giant ball of silk with the Hummingbirds, the Squrriels and the bugs and the chickens and began to roll the ball until they crushed Chew Chew with it. She roared before exploding into blood and organs.

After that, it cut to Rachelle and Chad in a dark room with realistic images of clowns floating in circles around


The black screen that said "12/12/14"

them. They were stripped off their clothes and clawed in their chests, possibly Duggee. After that, it cut to Betty inside of her house, shocked, who's got her legs cut off. Then it cut to Tag in the bus along with Roly, both animals were shocked. After 25 seconds, Tag got grabbed by a black hand into a dark hut, then it cut inside of the hut revealing an old bed with bloodstains in it, and then, Tag got his legs and dangling crotch cut off and Roly got his arms and head cut off by the same hand, after that, it cut to a black screen with white text in the right corner of the screen that said “12/12/14,” as I assumed it was the premiere date for Hey Duggee, after a few moments, the black screen was replaced by a video, possibly recorded with a VCR, it had Grant Orchard (the creator of Hey Duggee) running away from a shadow that was shaped like Duggee at an abandoned apartment complex.

After 1 minute, it cut to Tino outside of the clubhouse, and then, he said “I will join you!” as he stepped on Buggee’s loose string, and Buggee covered her exoskeleton legs. He then stomped on Buggee, then, it cut to a lake, Tino was seen tossing Happy into the lake, Happy said “What-“ before drowning. It then cut to Ottie, Merry and Finbar at a field, Tino came in and then poked Ottie, Merry and Finbar’s eyes out of their skull and put them on a burning pumpkin stack next to them. The mice came in and got put in mouse traps and zapped by a shadow. Then it cut to Enid inside of the clubhouse eating a carved pumpkin and dying of food poisoning. Then it cut to Betty in her room again, Duggee's soul came in and then looked at Betty, who was still alive. He shot her in the heart with a firearm, killing her. Then, it cut to a view of Betty's house, it then panned up, revealing the ghosts versions of The Squrriels, The Hummingbirds, and other characters, Duggee's soul woofed and the ghosts laughed and they ran away (it kinda reminded me of The Water Badge), the episode finally ended with the credits, while the copyright year said 1997, which was weird that Hey Duggee started as Chop Chop And The Colorful Team in 2010 and later was Hey Duggee in 2014.

The credits rolled. I then dialed BBC what even the f$"# they are doing. 6 weeks later, I checked my e-mail and there was a response from BBC. They said that the episode was made by a man from Kosovo who hijacked multiple TV channels across the world since the year of 2010, and was later arrested for cases of murder and theft, before they aired the episode, he walked into the streets of London nearby the BBC headquarters welding a DVD that had “DUGGEE.WMV” crudely written in black marker, and it had sorry written in the end of the response. I was happy not just like Happy though.

That one event in those events still didn't stop from my mind, as I couldn't doubt that it was real.

Have a nice day.

Update (04/08/2020)

It was 4 days before my brother's birthday, so, yesterday, I was watching CBeebies for a while, the show was on that time was Hey Duggee.

Suddenly, I heard a whine from outside, I checked the window and I could see a silhouette. It kinda looked like Duggee. It was Duggee.

I looked colse enough to see that his legs were missing and he was floating towards the window, I could hear the chants of the narrator from Hey Duggee (Alexander Armstrong), saying random phrases from the show and such, not to mention that the voice was echoing.

I grabbed a toy AK-47 from the wardrobe towards to the window, aiming at the silhouette mercilessly as the chants continued to play, the silhouette got closer until he reached into the window, turned left, and moved into the left, I heard my door ringing, I opened it to see Duggee's soul from the episode, he demoicly screeched "DUGGEE HUG!" and slammed me into the floor, bleeding.

I woke up to see it was all a nightmare, I heard my phone ringing and I turned off the alarm. I had a message from my Whatsapp written by a user named "Duggee," I tapped on it and I found out that the message said "JOIN THE SQURRIELS CLUB TODAY!," and a link to the website, but the word ".com" was replaced by ".666," I tapped on it and it sent me to Google Chrome, as the website finally loaded, it was all just the homepage, but it looked like it was made using Shockwave.

When I tapped on "Games," it redirected me into a jumpscare of what appears to be Duggee's soul from the episode, the sound was that loud that I threw my phone into the bed in fear. I then slowly walked towards my bed and pressed the on/off button in the side. Mom said that I have homework to do.

I wish that I will be not watching the episode.

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