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Pre-Discovery (2000-Early 2020)

Hey Duggee is a 2014 animated series.

In 2011, 11 years after the pilot was made, CITV added a pilot of Chop Chop and the colourful team.

Since the episode was discovered by FreddyFox83, it will have a story.

The Discovery (Early 2020-05/03/20)

Hello! I'm XXXX! I always watched Nick Jr. when I was little, however, an pilot has stopped me from watching the show on the web.

It was a sunny day, I came back from college, I used the bathroom and watched TV, then, I went to my bedroom to change my uniform, but I found a VHS tape called: "PLEASE DESTROY IF WATCHED" in red sharpie, and then, I inserted the tape into my Sony VHS Player (thanks to the mid-2000s), then, my TV screen turned blue, after a good few seconds of the blue screen, then it was an opening ID from RTI Television from Colombia, after the opening ID, it faded to black and then to an image of an tombstone with the following words: "HEY DUGGEE 2000 TEST PILOT" in Arial font, followed by an TV-MA rating and a Adult Swim screen bug. The episode was like an early version of The Paddling Pool Badge, except Tag was naked, and Norrie was red instead of brown, and the grass was cyan, each time Duggee uses the whistle, the quality gets a little bit distorted, when they enter the pool, it cuts to static for 2 minutes, after that bullshit, it was Tag again, but this time, he was in his swimming trunks, and he was holding a bloody Axe, after 30 seconds, Tag says this: "You've been dick-slapped!", and he swings his axe toward the screen, causing blood to fly out of the camera if the viewer was the camera. I vomited because of this.

And then, Tag said: "You had been fucking trapped in the show!", and the camera says: "What the fuck are you doing? I thought you were a friendly Rhino!" I was shocked to hear that on a kids' show.

I can't do the rest. But, I can.

Tag then dropped the axe, and it cut to static, again.



Update (05/03/20-Present)


What did I get in the cartridge.

Not to mention about an copy of Kirby 64, after I smashed the tape into plastic pieces, I stepped into a copy of Kirby 64 for the Nintendo 64, with an PEGI rating instead of the ESRB rating used on America, I decided to play the game, I stuck the cartridge onto my N64, the logos appeared, after that, it didn't show the intro, but instead, it was an picture of The Squirrels at the beach, without their mouths and had black holes for eyes, while an louder version of the RARARARARA from the infamous Red Mist was playing in the background, after 5 minutes of this loud bullshit, my Nintendo 64 exploded, "This costed me 499 dollars!" I shouted in anger, I was very angry than ever, including MemeMan64 making a grounded series out of me on Scratch, I hope this lost pilot, won't never exist.

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