0. Hello, i'm Joe, i'm 16 years old, i was born in July 5th, in Argentina, Cordoba, i'm gonna tell you an HTF Creepypasta about a Red Porcupine and a Lavender Beaver

  1. I was a fan of H.T.F, it was just normal but disturbing for Children
  2. As of that, in the floor, i saw a VHS saying "flaky's death" it said "Flaky Death" on the title too.
  3. I put the VHS in my VHS Player / VCR and hit the Play Button
  4. The intro looked odd, the young animals were Faceless
  5. it just had that one difference, it went to the Titlecard saying Mangled and Morbid "flaky death"
  6. The episode started with Flaky and Toothy walking in a car track / road, then a Realistic Car appeared on the screen
  7. The Car ran over Toothy but Flaky ran away
  8. The Car went way too fast to run over Flaky and The Car exploded.
  9. There were credits
  10. The credits were: Animator: Jake | Writer: Octavio | Intro Animator: Thomas Sanders
  11. I ejected the VHS
  12. Practically Ripping it out, then i heard a Realistic Scream outside, i found an Orange-Like Stew, so i threw it away in the Trash can
  13. Flippy appeared to me with a more-like Sinister Smile and he said "I KILLED TOOTHY AND FLAKY!", then i knew Flippy was Driving the car
  14. I will never EVER watch H.T.F again!
  15. The sequel: This Fanonpasta Thingy is having a 2nd Part, so Enjoy...
  16. I saw another V.H.S in the Kitchen, you know it was a Blackout, and we have several Generators, so obviously i picked it up Concerned, it said something Chilly...
  17. It said, ediciuS yppilF, which meant...
  18. F L I P P Y S S U I C I D E, i was Shocked! I put the V.H.S into the V.H.S.C.R and..
  19. It started with Flippy looking Depressed and he was in an Unknown Basement.
  20. He wanted to shoot himself... So he took a Pistol and... KABOOM!
  21. Blood was spilling all over his corpse! His head was Exploded. as of the Gun,It lied on the basement floor and for the episode, it Finished... No Credits, No nothing...
  22. That was the Last time i saw H.T.F... So... If you guys are watching the Episode., please, don't.

The title card.


The final screenshot taken.

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