Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

On the front of a abandoned house, there was a journal covered with blood. I brought it to my house and I removed the blood of it. Then I opened it and the last pages caught my attention, because I was a Genshin Impact fan:

December 18, 2019

I'm so excited for Genshin Impact. This will be one of the best games! After seeing the trailer, the only thing I can do is wait.

December 19, 2019

It's official: I'm one of the playtesters! It feels so nice to play early a great game before everyone. Tomorrow I have to go to the miHoYo HQ to pick up my copy.

December 20, 2019

Aaand, here it is! I already installed it. But the strange thing here is why they gave me a "premium" version of the game while everyone else got the normal one. Maybe I'm special? I'm going to play it tomorrow and then I tell you all.

December 21, 2019

I'm terrified. This beta is a nightware. I'll explain it all.

I started playing the game. The devs told us the game will be online and will require a account, but it just logged as "you*******", account I don't remember owning. When I got to the door transition, I heard a scream of a girl.

Then the first cinematic started, and the twin was getting killed while it was showing his blood and organs. I chose a girl, and it got named itself as "YOUARENEXT". Then the same happened with the girl, yet she survived. Then we cut to Teyvat. The voice dialogues were okay but the text one only said "YOU ARE NEXT, THERE IS NO ESCAPE". When I got to the Amber scene, she hit her head to a rock very hard, breaking her head. Not to mention it was so hard it was even showing the brain. Then some people came and started to accuse Paimon and the traveler by this without any proof. The 2 girls tried to say they didn't did so, but Klee said "Shut the fuck up!". Yes, a little girl saying a swear word to adults. Then it cut to a scene where the traveler and Paimon were going to be executed. Everyone from Teyvat was there. The officers told the girls if they had any last words. Paimon last words were, surprise, the same phrase! "You are next, don't think I can't kill you because I'm in a videogame." The traveler didn't said anything. Then they got executed. A doctor came to see if the girls were still alive and he answered "They are dead.". The people started cheering, and so many people joined the cheer my game started to lag and soon, it crashed with a BSOD. But the BSOD was a different code, yes, the same one: YOU_ARE_NEXT. The PC restarted and for a moment it showed Paimon, traveler and Amber graves. My PC wasn't able to boot correctly. It was just showing Paimon, the traveler and Amber, all of them with knifes, along with a text in chinese saying "如果我们杀了玩家,miHoYo游戏会更有趣。", which translated would be "miHoYo games are more fun if we kill players.". This was pretty disturbing so I emailed miHoYo. Anyways, I need to sleep, it is 10 PM. Good night!

December 23, 2019

I just got the answer from Cai Haoyu (the miHoYo CEO):

"Hello *****,

Respect to the beta, I thought we would give it to you by being a big fan of our first game, Honkai Impact. But we didn't knew a guy hacked the copy. I will give you another copy without the hack through email.


Cai Haoyu

miHoYo CEO"

And I have to wait for the non-hacked copy.

December 25, 2019

I just got the non-hacked version through a ISO. I'm downloading it now.

This is where the journal ends. I found, later, that while she was waiting for the download to end, a figure that looked like Amber killed her. I also found out that the other 9 testplayers also got killed, despite they didn't had the Premium version.