Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

I known the game Friday Night Funkin' that everyone is playing right now, the game was first found in NewGrounds, then and many other, if you don't know what is GameBanana, is a mod community website which you can publish your complete mod in the website, well Friday Night Funkin' was official with over 68.8K mods ever like: Vs Tricky, Shaggy, Hypno and most interesting, BOB mod, well i am a HUGE fan of Friday Night Funkin', well i'm gonna tell a story about the most TROJAN mod ever: Vs Richard Week. It's just a simple mod, but what you didn't known that is a virus who infected my very, very, very HUGE life to a corrupted world. How i found this mod?

I was in my bike in the big city's park untill i looked at the forest with an memory card called: Friday Night Funkin': Vs Richard Week, probably it's just an normal mod, i was going to my house but when i get closer the sky turns red, i open the door but my house was empty, there's no sign of my mom or my Father. I turn on my computer, i put the memory card, my screen was glitching and it turned black the screen, a friday night funkin intro played along but the Logo Bumpin has with the Vs Richard Week.

I press enter, but it showed only the Story Mode menu, i press it but there was only one week, Week R, i played it but it started it played nothing than a cutscene.