Early Reel


By In February Of 2012, I Was In My Computer Searching Some Episodes Of Horrid Henry On Youtube. But I Saw A Video Is Not Horrid Henry. It's Fleabag Monkeyface: Early Reel. The Video Was Made In 2010. So I Watch it. The Intro Starts Normal, There Was No Title Of The Episode and There No Writers And Directors. The Episode Begins With Gerald And Gene Watching Yucky Science. Until A Noise. It Was The Smogiles. Gene Said: Shut Up! We Trying To Watch Yucky Science. Gene And Gerald Throw Stuff In A Toilet Bowl. Thunder Light. And Then Fleabag Monkeyface Was Born. Dirk Saw His Tv Show Was Taken. And Then Turned Evil. The Earmonster Destory Buildings. Fleabag Burps The Monster And The Monster Fall Down. Dick Talks To His Boss. Dirk Loses His Job And Lots Of Fleas Remove Him. Fleabag Told The Viewers To Show The Toilet Of Money. Dirk Said: I Want My TV SHOW BAAAAAACCCK! It Was Loud And I Turn Down My Volume. And Then The Episode End. I Post The Video And Email Sparky Animation. The End.

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