When i was a little kid, I used to love Fanboy and Chum Chum (Only the second season though).Recently, I decided that I wanted to watch the show again.

So i went in seacrh for a DvD copy, but at Target (I went to the big store not the smaller one) there was no dvds, so I restorted to looking in the Bargin Bin. The closest thing I found was a white blank dvd case with "Fanboy and Chum Chum" written in black EXPO marker. When I picked up the case, it felt heavier than a DVD case should be, but since I really wanted to watch the show, I decided to buy the dvd anyway and brought it home.  I went into my colledge dorm room, it was small, but not too small. I put the DVD into my Republic of Gamers PC which was sitting on my IKEA brand desk. What I saw and expireninced that day was horrifying. I wish I never saw the episode.

When I started the episode, The intro played normal, expect what suprised me was that instead of saying brainfreeze the intro said "suicide" but it stayed in tune with the song as if it was the natural lyrics, and the scariest part of the intro is instead of saying "bah" in the breakdown part the singers said "DIE." This really freaked me out, but I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me or maybe it was a glitch or something, so I pressed on.The episode card was called "Fanboy kills Chum Chum." I thought this was a dark theme to put in a kids show, so I was confused.

The episode started with Fanboy and Chum Chum cleaning out their house, but there was no music except for a faint static sound. Chum Chum pulled out an old photo. The freaky thing was that he pulled out an image of a nazi soldier. Chum Chum exclaimed to his best friend (at least at the time) "THis is a photo of my dad" Fanboy asked if what he was saying was actually true. Chum Chum said "yes, I think we was a nazi." Fanboy then stood in silence. His silly and goofy expression was cleared from his face. I got a good look at his eyes, and they didn't look like his normal cartoon eyes. They looked almost as if they were real eyes. They gave off an evil feeling.  Fanboy stared at the camera for 13 seconds (I was so scared that I was counting the seconds) before he yelled to his former friend "I AM JEWISH."

This is what the scene looked like

This is what the scene looked like

HE grabbed a knife that was lying on his night stand and he stabbed chum chum in the chest and fat belly 12 times in each location. Very realisitc blood guts and gore came out of chum chum's mutalated body. The organs and blood not only looked as if they were the actual things they were representing, but they reacted to objects and light as if they were real. It was really scary. I still remember what they looked like. After he killed Chum chum, Fanboy turned to the camera. He then talked to me. He said "I am Evil Fanboy.666 I will kill you because you are a decendant of bad guys!"
Evil fanbo

Evil Fanboy.666

I looked behind me at my bed, and sitting on my bed was a fanboy plushie. The plushie was holding a family photo. I noticed my dad's medal of honor from Germany. I tried to tell fanboy that my family was just german, but the plushie lunged at me, so I dodged it with a front-flip. I punched the plushie and he smacked into the computer. He then went for a second lunge, but I slid under him on my knees and hit his stomach with a jab. He hit the ceiling and when he came down I grabbed him and hit the plushie with a drop kick. BIG MISTAKE. The drop kick was a bit weaker than expected, and Fanboy recovered from it quickly and dove into me for a third lunge. The drop kick took a lot from me, so I gave in to his thrust. I tumbled to the ground, the little doll could really get in a good shot. I puked up because he hit me in the stomach and that didn't mix well with the Habanero Chili I had for lunch that day. I thought I was a goner when my roommate walked in. Evil Fanboy.666 Plushie then said "have a brain freeze. Then he disappeared. At first I thought I was safe, but then I saw my roommate with a knife in his neck, anbd the words "I am god" carved into his belly. Then I remembered that that is the same thing that he carved into Chum Chum's tummy. SO if you ever find this episode online or in your store DON'T DOWNLOAD IT. Unless you want a brainfreeze...

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