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If you play both Bugsnax and Friday Night Funkin' then you have probably heard about the VS Lizbert mod. I think it's a really cool mod. However, there was one song that changed my perspective on it almost forever...

The Pasta[]


I wanted to play FNF Vs. Lizbert to test it out. You'd expect me to download it off Gamebanana or something, but I downloaded it off some website called Digital Fossils, the same website where that one guy downloaded that lost episode of the Loud House.

The fossil I downloaded it from was called "FUNK20", and that actually reminded me of something, the game title, Friday Night Funkin' and the year Bugsnax was made, 2020. I instantly thought of a Bugsnax FNF mod, like the one with Beffica. I soon downloaded. I WISH I could have taken that act back...

The Game[]

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It started out like normal, and the text that would appear when you boot up the game was "refined taste in music —- if i say so myself". However, the title screen looked very off. Lizbert was holding a bloodied dagger instead of the usual microphone and her scarf looked slightly torn. She had bloodshot eyes and an even wider and more maniacal grin. Instead of the usual logo we just got Friday Night Funkin' - Lizbert's Revenge in Times New Roman in blood red. The background was a deep red void. The music was a dark ambient theme. I was super confused. However, I shook it off and pressed enter and the game started.

I played through each song; Snaxburg, Greetings!, Undersnax, all that jazz. However, after I finished the final one, Bungered, I was shot into a cutscene.

  • Lizbert: How am I not winning!? Is he cheating or something?
  • Boyfriend: Beep bo bop!
  • Lizbert: You wouldn't let me win, and you had to let me suffer.
  • Boyfriend: ?

As she executed this line, she turned scary, and I mean really, REALLY scary when I say it. She had the same features from the title screen, except her hat and scarf were now stained with blood and her tusks were sharper and resembled fangs. She became longer than usual and had claws. I was absolutely terrified at what I saw.

Then a horrific battle occurred, and it wasn't a rap battle, it was a war. The map was apparently a red cave resembling Hell. The Girlfriend was now nothing more than a skeleton and only had a few organs left. The Boyfriend had to use a pocket knife rather than a microphone. Lizbert's weapon was a dagger, similar to the one on the starting screen. The music was an unnerving, dramatic theme consisting of synth pads, a music box and some strings. I used the arrow keys to attack Lizbert. Her health bar (yes those came in) barely went down.

Soon a Bunger came and pinned the Boyfriend down. Lizbert raised her dagger and approached him as the Sonic 1 drowning theme played. Soon it cut to black with a large scream and the sound of a dagger being inserted into an arm. I was horrified. "Did Lizbert just... kill the Boyfriend!?" I uttered to myself.

The message I got

Soon the game glitched out and crashed, and it went to my desktop. I tried to open the game again, but it just showed a message saying "He's dead, stop playing.". I was downright shocked. I sat all shaken, trying to comprehend what I just saw. I commented on one of ziffyclumper's videos telling them about the deranged Lizbert mod. They replied:

"Dear MixelsFan1973,

I'm sorry for that level! It was the original ending for FNF Vs. Lizbert, but I scrapped it because of how disturbing it was. I replaced it with Bittersweet as a bonus song. Once again, I'm sorry."

I was relived. To try to forget about it, I ended up playing Minecraft on my PS4. So, if you go on Digital Fossils and see a fossil called FUNK20, don't click on it! Ignore it instead!

Thanks for taking your time to read.