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In 2017, there was a major incident: after a airing of Cars 3 on Disney Channel, there was, oddly enough, a Eddsworld PSA. Now, the webtoon uses the normal cartoon blood, but this PSA didn't. Since it was a gun safety PSA, the creators went with the idea of making all the blood hyper-realistic, thinking it could scare people into not using guns. Instead, it went a little too well: at least 500 children was scared for life by this PSA, with 300 of them going insane (and 60 of those children going to jail for their insanity) and the other 200 killing themselves in order to stop thinking about that PSA.

Many people remembered the day the incident happened. It was 7/16/17 when the PSA aired. It was only aired once, thought.

Here's the plot (found on a fourm):

The PSA started with a still frame of a Remington 500 shotgun. 10 seconds later, it showed a shadow thing throwing the shotgun away. We then see Edd, Tom and Matt in a park goofing off. The shotgun suddenly falls on Edd's head, nearly knocking him out. He picks it up and says "What's this?" Tom replied with "Edd, stop! That's a shotgun!" Edd starts goofing off again, this time with the shotgun. 30 seconds later, he mistakely pulls the trigger, and we see a graphic scene of Tom getting shot in the head, killing him in just mere seconds. Matt got shocked and yelled "EDD! YOU JUST SHOT TOM!" He calls 911, but Edd puts the shotgun in Matt's pocket as a prank. A police car pulled up, so Edd makes the most adorable and innocent face ever. One of the cops says "Sir, why there's a shotgun in your pocket?" Matt got confused, but before he could say anything, he is throwed into the police car and sent to jail. We then see a montage of Matt escaping jail. We then see Edd in his house, drinking cola. Matt sneaks up behind him, then pulls out a trench knife from his pocket. Edd looks behind him and says "Matt, I thought you were in jail." Matt doesn't say anything. He stabs Edd 5 times in the leg. Edd somehow didn't feel any pain and just said "Still didn't kill me." Matt got angry as his eyes turns fully-black, like Tom. He grabs Edd and stabs him 25 times, pulls off one of his eyes, slits his throat, and rips and eats his heart in a graphic matter; all while Edd screams in pain. However, it was said that it wasn't a normal scream... it was a HYPER-REALISTIC scream. After Edd dies, Matt's eyes goes back to normal, and then, he says "What had I done?" He stabs himself with the same knife he used to kill Edd. After Matt dies, we see the bloody corspe of Edd. Text appeared at the top of the screen, reading "Le pistole ti fanno arrestare", which means "Guns gets you arrested".

After all of that, it cuts to a black screen, which has white text reading "Copyright 2017". After the PSA ended, it cuts to a episode of Wander Over Yonder.

Nobody knows why this PSA was aired or made. Older people who saw the PSA asked the Eddsworld staff about the PSA, but all of the messages was deleted. Only 1 screenshot of the PSA remains, and video uploads was quickly removed on YouTube, which makes it mostly-lost.

If you have a copy of this PSA, please let me know.