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I became a fan of Edd Gould's web toon series "Eddsworld" ever since I saw his flash animations on Newgrounds. In fact, I knew him entirely. I actually lived not too far from him. I knew Tom, Matt, and even Tord in real life too. Now since I kept in touch with Edd, he let me see his animated episodes at least a day or two before he submits them to the internet. Sometimes to avoid spoilers he just shows me a funny part. Such as a part in "Zombeh Attack 1" where Tord got bitten by a zombie and Edd screamed "NO!!! Not the COKE MACHINE!!" Tord was my favorite character, but I felt sad when he left Eddsworld. And I felt even sad when Edd passed away thanks to cancer in the blood...

Anyway, a while back before Edd passed away, he was just becoming popular, and I heard he was in the hospital for some kind of sickness, I forgot what it was though. I felt bad for him, and asked him if he was gonna be OK. He said he'll be able to get back on his feet to continue making his comics and flash episodes. I then asked him if I could make some "Special Guest" comics until he felt better. He said he already gave a few other DeviantART members permission to do that, but gave me permission to upload a flash Eddsworld episode to his Newgrounds account. He told me he finished it, and wanted me to upload it for him.

I promised not to share his password, and I dashed out of the hospital filled with excitement. Before I left, he gave me a spare key to his home so I can get the flash from his computer. I used the key in the door, and it worked! I made sure not to break anything in his house, because I know he trusts me. And I shouldn't mess anything up for him.

After I logged into his computer, I searched it until I saw a swf. file called "eddsworld_end.swf" I had NO idea what that meant, but I guess it must've been the file he told me to get. To make sure it was the file I needed, I searched his computer for anything new, but no luck. I looked at my watch and knew I had to head home. So, I saved the "eddsworld_end.swf" in my flash drive, and left his house, locking the door with the key.

When I got back home and logged onto my computer, I decided to check out this flash file to see what kind of adventure Edd and the others might have. I clicked on it, and Adobe Flash Player kicked in, activating the swf. file. The title "END" appeared with the icons at the bottom: "Play", "Scenes", and "Website". I tried clicking on "Scenes" and "Website", but they wouldn't respond. I don't know why, but it looks like the fonts were dumped from another episode. There was also some small text under the word "END", but I didn't read it and I resorted to click the play button. The normal Eddsworld title jingle played, but when it finished, the black background turned red, and there was some odd music that sounded a lot like "Night on Bald Mountain".

The title began like this: "Eddsworld presents... END... Starring Edd, Tom, Matt, and Tord".

I was quite surprised to see Tord's name in this episode. I thought Tord left after a certain Eddsworld episode was completed. Maybe Edd made this BEFORE Tord left Eddsworld a while back, and for got to upload it? I couldn't think about it because the episode was just starting. The animation looked the same as Edd's animation style like in the episode where the gang were in an Egyptian cave underground.

It started out as a horrible stormy night in a city. Edd, and his friends were walking in the rain. Tom was drinking some liquid in a silver canteen. Edd out of frustration said, "Tom must you ALWAYS drink at these times??" "What," Tom replied, "It helps relax me."

Edd then said, "Well if you keep that up, we'll end up getting killed in accident. I mean you ARE the one driving us home." Tord gave Tom a look of disbelief. For some apparent reason, the voices sounded... odd. I may be wrong, but it sounded like voice clips from past episodes were remixed into new sentences like what some YouTube Poop videos do. Either that, or it sounded like new voice actors with poor recording, But I really couldn't tell.

The scene then cut to the group in the car, with Tom at the wheel. Matt and Tord were in the back seats while Edd was in the front.

"You know, Tom..." Edd said with a worried expression, "Maybe I should be the one to drive."

"Hey, drop dead, Edd," Tom snapped back.

He then started the car and some music began to play on the radio. It sounded like it was from a horror movie or something, but I couldn't tell what. Tord, out of fear for some reason said, "Hey, uh... can you at least play something more... you know, relaxing?" Tom then changed the station on the radio and the song "Sunshine Lollipops" started playing. I laughed at Tord's flat line expression as the song kept playing, because I know in the series Tord hates that song. But then, that's when things started going strange. While Tom was driving, the music started going slower and more morbid as they kept driving.

The group then stopped at what seemed to be a cliff. The music then started becoming even more morbid and horrifying. Tom had a devious look on his face. Matt then said in a scared tone, "Guys, I think Tom's at it again..." WHAT was Tom at again??

Edd then started telling Tom to stop and come to his senses, but he didn't listen. He then stepped onto the gas pedal and all of a sudden, the screen went dark, the low scary music stopped playing, and there was sounds of screeching car tires, crashes, glass smashing, and I even heard the guys screaming. But not they way they scream in their episodes. It sounded like they were REALLY screaming.

The screen then faded in to what looked like the wreaked car. The screen then slowly zoomed in into the car, and I saw what gave me the chills... Edd, Matt, and Tord looked... dead. There was a little bit of blood coming from their heads, but the blood didn't look like from what Edd did in his episodes... the blood looked real...

The screen then zoomed out with a close up of Tom's legs. The camera then moved up quickly to show the back of Tom's head, in full frame. He didn't say anything. He turned around, and what I saw horrified me. His black eyes had pupils. But they were a dark red tone. He looked a lot like from the Sonic.exe Creepypasta. He gave an evil smile, as the same song that played in the radio (Sunshine Lollipops) continued playing in a slow deep tone. The screen stayed on Tom's horrifying face. I covered my eyes in fear, hoping this will end. All of a sudden, I heard the music stop.

I opened my eyes and noticed that the flash video ended, thus, bringing me to the main menu of the episode. I then decided to look at the little letters under the word END. The words I could make out was this:"This is what I think of your series, Eddward. -Tom". I was in complete shock. Did Tom make this flash video to make fun of Edd in a horrible way? No way, he and Edd are friends. Tom wouldn't do anything like this.

After I regained myself, I heard the phone ring. I picked it up, and it sounded like a nurse's voice. She told me that Edd wanted to speak to me. I then heard his voice on the phone, asking if I uploaded his new episode yet.

I told him everything about the flash video I saw, then asked him if either he or Tom made it. But he sounded confused... he said he didn't make it at all. He also said Tom didn't make that flash video of him and his friends dying either. He said he founded the flash video online and after watching it, was horrified. He then wanted to proceed in asking the website to delete that flash video hoping that it wouldn't give his fans any ideas of Tom. He asked me if I submitted the episode on his account, and I said no. I heard him sigh with relief.

He told me the website of where he got it from, and hung up. When I looked up the website, it just said "Website not available. Please try again later." No matter how many times I tried to refresh the page, the website never came up. At that point, I just gave up. I didn't know who made that flash video, or WHY they did it.

The next day I was visiting Edd in the hospital again, and this time, Tom was with him. I told Tom about that flash video I saw yesterday. He told me that Edd explained to him about my experience, and told me that it was made by a few individuals who actually hated Edd, and wanted to make a mockery of him on the internet by framing Tom. "I'm actually GLAD that the website was down after Edd downloaded that video. People will just do anything to get attention."

I'm not exactly sure what Tom meant by that, but I have a feeling that maybe he was right about that. Maybe it was a bunch of guys who are apparently idiotic, thinking they can get away with making fun of Eddsworld. I guess you could say I was half right.

By the time I got home and logged onto my computer, I noticed something weird. When I checked my e-mail, I noticed I got a new message stated as "PAYBACK". I clicked on it, and here's what I slowly read out loud:

"You may have stopped us from attempting to show our feelings toward Edd. We HATE him after he abandoned us for that good-for-nothing Tom. You're lucky, kid. But this is only the beginning. That video that got pulled was just our feelings being expressed. When we meet Edd for real again, he WILL pay for abandoning us."

There was no return address. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I tried calling Edd back at the hospital again, but Tom picked up the phone instead. I told him about that e-mail I got, and what it exactly said. He said it was a few other kids from a different country he was friends with before they started doing things such as smoking, getting into trouble with the police, and even stealing from houses, and other people... Edd didn't want anything to do with them anymore, and just went onto his own life until he met Matt, Tord, and Tom.

Maybe it was exactly the same guys who made that video... We'll never know for sure, but I do know now that these guys are probably blackmailing Edd through me. I don't know WHY their doing it, nor do I even KNOW how they got my e-mail address, but I can tell you that I don't think those guys have the GUTS to travel all the way to the U.K. just to threaten Edd. Because if they did, we wouldn't see Edd die peacefully, and Eddsworld would officially be over for good. And if they didn't come here to kill him at all, Edd would die of that stupid blood cancer.

But they didn't come, Edd passed away on his own, and well, here we are.

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