NOTE: This Story has a few Spoilers as theirs a few people that don’t know about this Show/Movie/Game. So don’t read or go to another Story.

I‘m a fan of a Small Web Series called “Dick Figures” created by Ed Skudder on Mondo Media. When I first heard about this series, I thought it was simple and fun to watch. Two Years later, I was old enough to know it’s an Adult Cartoon. I’m 20 now, but series ended in March 27 2014. I remembered an episode called “Lord Tourette’s Syndrome” but I mistook it for an unaired episode that I called “Tourette Syndrome”.

It started one day when I was looking at DVDs. when looking, I saw one that said “Dick Figures - Unaired Episode”. I was curious, so I put it in the player. I sat down and watch the episode.

The Main Menu is pretty… off. It features Red & Blue standing in front of their building. Red is seen doing weird stuff to his body, while Blue has an experience on face that looks like he’s freaked out or something (Just like the first episode, A Bee or Something). I pressed “Play” and their it went.

It begins with the usual “Mondo Mini Shows” logo. I thought “I think it’s a usually normal episode.”. The episode begins with the character Lord Tourettes in the forest that I call “The Tourette Forest”, singing while unexpectedly using swear words. He sees his friend Redward (who I mentioned earlier) holding something on his back. “What the F**K is on his back?” He asked himself, gently dropping he’s guitar. “Hey! L.T.! Do you want to came with me?” Said Red. “Ah yes! I love to--RAPE!” Said L.T. when his curiosity got the best of him.

In the next scene, the 2 characters were walking for 10 seconds, until they stumbled upon a dead corpse of Blue. His head is decapitated. His right-eye is visible, and theirs an empty eye-socket. His back is cut open. His left foot is slashed open, and torn off. He is cover in realistic blood instead of animated blood. Lord Tourettes gasp and cried in fear, while Red is laughing at him (which means Red might be the one that murdered Blue). I throwed up in my mouth a little.

Red when Lord Tourettes opens the door.

The mutilated Red.

A new scene begins with a photorealistic moon rising above Lord Tourette‘s house. It cuts to a sad L.T. looking at a picture of his wife. Then L.T. went to Red & Blues apartment, he knocks but the door is open a little. He sees Red murdering and gorging on a random Stick Figure. He is looks mutilated, and has black empty eye-sockets with small bright red pupils. He looks and smiles at L.T., then says “Any last words, baby?” In an Austrian accent that sounds so familiar. Before Red was able to kill L.T. with a knife. L.T. shots Red with shotgun. L.T. felt guilty, “Sorry, Red.” He said. After those final word, L.T. sighs heavily and takes his own life, but it cuts to black before L.T. shot himself.

I got scared after watching it. I throw it in the trash can outside and never watch it again.

Now you now the whole story. You probably got scared by it as well.

Created by CatBanshee-139

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