this is or was a TV show that lasted from 2004 to 2005 I remember watching it when I was around 5 to 6 years-old and it had blood gore and so much more but it was only today that I found copies of it on sale Esty for around $2 so I decided to buy it and I regret doing that but what I can tell you is that the kids are named jelly Sam Samantha Hamilton and finally Colt those were the only characters in the show to be honest I never seen it since I was six so I might watch these at some time but the Swedish show that aired on private Network so I'm not really sure if you guys know about this


Update - all the episodes are the same. It much gore - ier, I almost threw when colt''s organ were spilling in the final episode (10-31-05)

Update 2 - episodes got so gore ier in the last few days , I threw up at least 4 times, more updates soon.

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