Who has heard of Clarence? Well I have, It centers around 3 boys who like to go on adventures, Should I tell you a story that frightened me, Well, get ready to get spooked out.

I was watching Cartoon network at 3:00 am watching Gumball, Adventure Time etc. Then Clarence came on and I was excited, When it came on, That's where it started.

The intro played like normal, but when the logo came, it was red instead of purple, the episode was titled ''Clarence's Suicide''. The background was blood, it showed a noose and there was some evil laughing like the demon The episode started in Clarence's bedroom, except, he was crying and it sounded realistic, the scene started to turn black and white, and the crying got louder and louder. It went on for 30 seconds, then Clarence said in a depressed man's voice

“Why does everyone call me stupid? I can‘t live like this, I want to kill myself..”

Then it went black for a minute, then it showed Clarence with a noose and there was depressing piano music, Then Clarence said, "Goodbye everyone, I had a fun time.” After that, It showed flashbacks of him having fun with friends, family and classmates. I was crying so much when it happened. And he hung himself, then the parents came and where crying at their dead son.

It showed a time card saying 1 month later, it was a funeral, the characters were all sad and even Belson was sad, despite him hating Clarence. Then it ended, but Clarence appeared out of nowhere on the screen and he was staring at me, with bloodshot eyes for 50 seconds, then text appeared saying お尻お尻お尻お尻, when I translated it, it said "Poop butt butt poop butt poop poop", ending the episode.

And I stopped watching Clarence after that.

If you find it, don't watch it, it's scary

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