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A drawing of Bandit’s transformed state (art by ToonSonic16)

Okay, if you don't know what Bluey is, well, it is an Australian animated television series. The series is a Ludo Studio production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Principal production investment from BBC Studios (formerly BBC Worldwide), Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia. Developed and produced with the assistance of Screen Queensland.

Bluey follows the adventures of a lovable and inexhaustible anthropomorphic six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who lives with her dad, mum and four-year-old little sister, Bingo In every episode, Bluey uses her limitless Blue Heeler energy to play elaborate games that unfold in unpredictable and hilarious ways. The first 26 episodes from season one aired on ABC Kids at 8AM from Oct 1st to Oct 26th, 2018. The second half aired from April 1st to April 25th, 2019. The Christmas episode “Verandah Santa” aired on December 12th, 2019. On May 16th, it was announced that the show would be getting a second season that will air in 2020. Bluey made its international debut on Disney Junior in the United States on September 9th, 2019, and on CBeebies in the United Kingdom on 19th April 2021. The first half of season two aired on March 17th, 2020, anyways, there is a lost episode nobody talked about.

One day back in 2019, I was looking for the channel looking for something to watch late at night, I saw Cbeebies was airing Bluey, I like the character, Mackenzie so I watched it, and after that episode, I decided to watch the next one.

The Episode[]

In the cold opening, Bandit and Bluey were playing Magic Xylophone, but then Bandit had a headache and put his hands to his head, “Daddy..?” Bluey said looking worried, then Bandit said “Daddy is not here.” with red lines as eyes and with untamed fur.

The title card's background looked red, like it was some sort of a Halloween special, and the icon was a butcher’s knife. The narrator said, in a really deep voice, “This episode is called” and the episode name was: "Daddy Massacre".

The episode started Bluey hiding in a bush, Bandit was looking for her in the backyard, he then said "Come to Daddy", Bluey then says, “Daddy, what happened to you??” He then grabbed Bluey by the leg and grabbed a scalpel and started skinning Bluey alive, she then began to cry and scream in pain for help.

After Bluey was dead, he went inside of the house and saw Bingo in her bed, sleeping, Bandit said “Daddy’s coming..” then Bandit grabbed her by the leg and Took her down to the kitchen, then Bandit threw Bingo into a oven until Bingo woke up and started screaming in pain as her voice actress sounded like she was ACTUALLY in pain, She cried and cried “HELP ME!!” pounding on the screen door with Bandit looking with a grin, she started melting, first her skin, fur and eyes, then her skeleton, and lastly, her internal organs, it was a such a gruesome scene.

The camera then zoomed into Bandit's face as he said "Daddy’s getting ready.." Then it cut to a montage of Bandit putting multiple weapons in a bag, Knifes, Bombs, Guns, I didn’t even know bombs existed in the Bluey universe. Bandit then tied the sack and started to leave the house, “Daddy’s coming home...” Bandit now said with a devious look in his face.

Bandit went to Mackenzie’s house and since I am a fan of Mackenzie, I was worried. Mackenzie said “Um, Hi Bluey’s dad, what are you doing here?” Bandit replied “Meet your daddy..” before shooting Mackenzie in the chest, I was in tears since Mackenzie is my favourite character, but I couldn’t imagine what Bandit could do to the rest of the cast.

It then cut to showed what looked like a news report talking about a murderer killing the children of Brisbane, I saw Lia’s corpse blown up by a grenade, the camera then zoomed out to see the entire Heeler family and Rusty planing something, “We need bait to distract him”, Stripe said, “I’ll volunteer” Rusty said, “I know all about war, I will have the chance of survival out of all of us”, Chili then said “Are we ready?”, Everyone replied “Aye!” All I knew is that this would be a pretty-climatic ending.

The next scene showed Bandit in a forest with the bodies of multiple children, “Hey Krampus, come and get me” Rusty said to the hulking monster that was Bandit, he got a chainsaw and started running to Rusty, they ran in circles before Bandit cornered Rusty into a old tree, “Here’s Daddy..” Bandit said, but right behind him a gun cocked, as if some sensibility was knocked into the creature, He turned around, Chili was holding the gun, “YOU.” Chili said “You killed our two children.” she replied, “you put Brisbane in jeopardy and in utter terror!!” Bandit then said “Don’t hurt Daddy, Love..” in a shocked tone, as if some Bandit is still in that monster.

“Don’t do it, Love..” Bandit tried to explain to Chili, She was torn between pulling the trigger and putting down the gun,  “I don’t want to do this, Love..” Bandit said readying his claws, “Pull the trigger, Chili.” Rusty told her, Bandit lunging to her, Then Chili shot him in the brain, “It’s over, The fear of losing a loved one overnight, it’s gone.” Chili exclaimed, It showed Rusty, Chili, and the remaining survivors, looking at Bandit corpse. The episode ended as usual with no big changes.



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