Bloody Cuphead had killed his brother, Mugman, and had wandered to some studio he didn't recognize. It had a sign that read "Joey Drew Studios". As he walked into the studio, he couldn't help but notice how abandoned the place looked. It was like a ghost town. There was ink everywhere, along with mutilated corpses of black and white cartoon characters. Not to mention inky monsters known as Lost Ones.

Suddenly, he saw something floating in the distance. As it got closer, he realized it was a demon. But not just any ordinary demon. He looked like a 1970's cartoon character. He was covered in blood and had glowing, red eyes that shined through the night.

"Hello there," the thing said "I'm Bloody Bendy, the new ruler of Joey Drew Studios, what brings you here?"

"I just killed my brother" said Bloody Cuphead "and now, I'm going to kill you!"

Just as Bloody Cuphead was about to hit, the demon vanished into thin air.

"Nice try, cup boy! But I'm faster than you think!" Bloody Bendy said as he created a bazooka out of ink and fired a missile at Bloody Cuphead. Bloody Cuphead dodged it, as it exploded behind him.

"I'm sending you back to Hell, you demon freak!" Bloody Cuphead yelled as he fired a laser beam from his finger at Bloody Bendy. Bloody Bendy dodged it. He created a chainsaw out of ink and swung it at Bloody Cuphead. The tip of the blade sliced through Bloody Cuphead's chest, leaving a jagged wound. The wound disappeared.

"You can heal yourself?!" said Bloody Bendy in shock, right before Bloody Cuphead fired another laser beam, disintegrating him. He left Joey Drew Studios to find others to kill.

Alternate Ending

Just as Bloody Bendy was about to be shot by Bloody Cuphead's laser beam, he quickly dodged it and swung his chainsaw again. The blade cut off Bloody Cuphead's head, killing him. Bloody Bendy dragged his corpse to the Ink Machine to make him into a new Lost One.

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