Well. I Have Nothing To Say. But What I'm Going To Say, This Happen To Me Of Real. So, This Is My Story: 


Yesterday, I Was Looking If Good Gaming Friends Uploaded A New Baldi Funny Moments Video. But There's No Video Uploaded Yet. So I Go To A Playlist Called Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning If The Baldi Funny Videos Has Ben Uploaded. Scrolling Down I Found A Creepy Thumbnail That Makes Me Scare A Bit. The Thumbnail Looks Baldi With His Head Falling Down Into The Cafeteria Floor, With Some Strange Impact Bloody Red Text Saying: 'A A A A'. One Thing I Saw They Have Blood On His Cut Neck And His Cutted Head. So I Click On It.

Gosh, I Should Never Click On That.

Screenshot 20200612-155816 YouTube

The Video

The Video Started With Here School But It Was Raining At Night. Then It Shows Baldi Walking Into His Schoolhouse With A Lantern In His Right Hand. He Opens The Door And Then Walking Into The Center He Without Looking, He Stepped On One Of His Beartraps. He Screamed And His Eyes Turned Into Pocoyo's Eyes When He Turns His Eyes Left And Right. Back To The Story, Baldi Let His Lantern Fall And He Open The Beartrap. Baldi Grabbed His Littern And Continue Walking.

While Walking It Cuts To A Hall With Lockers, Then Appeared Baldi With Some Stabbed Syringes Over His Torso. Then, More Syringes Appeared And They Stop. Baldi Had To Remove Them. He Continues Walking And Accidently Presses A Button On His Right Toe, And Then, A Sharpy Circulated Saw Appeared And Baldi Duck To Save His Life, Then Baldi Was Now Running,

Then It Cuts To A Rope On The Halls. I Was Wondering If Baldi Touches Him, It Was A Trap. But When His Neck Touched The Rope His Head Falled Into The Floor. I Was Wrong. Then It Cuts To Baldi's Head In The Floor Dead At 5 Seconds Then Blood Starts To Flow Anywhere, And After More 3 Seconds, Then It Fades To Black And The Video Ends. Then It Shows A Extra Clip That They Have Shirts.


I Closed The Video Because I Was Scared, But At Least I Saved Some Screenshots That I Am Going To Put It Now. This Story Happen To Me Of True. I Can't Say Anything By This Episode. If You Find This Episode, WATCH IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. The End.


I Edited This Because Will Be Worse Than Others.

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