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I can't believe what I saw. I wanted that episode to be removed for the gore, aggression, neglect, and blood. I just do what to do.


Hi, my name is Raymond, I used to be a fan of Lemon Sky Shows, one of them namely "AstroLOLogy", i.e. "ALOL", now I think something's not right.. here's my story, but before that, here is a disclaimer.


The following pasta you'll read will've deaths, cussing, and sexual neglect, all these 3 are "Entertainment Purpose" signals, make sure you read this forsake.

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      Without further a do.. let's begin reading!

(Hope you understand) 第一章-「すべてがどのように起こったか」

A ssoullifting show like AstroLOLogy can't have consequences like this.. everything must be a dream.

it was August 7th, 2019, I was at lunch, watching TV, on the Channel Lemon Sky. I heard a new episode of AstroLOLogy will come out, but instead of any character popping up on the white screen behind the carved box, it was just plain.. the narrator also had an issue, I could hear some faint, demonic, low-pitched mumbling behind the narrator saying "A new episode of AstroLOLogy that had aired a few days back is now streamed to the public! Good luck!".


The episode displayed the intro as usual, but this time, the theme song was slower and lower-pitched.. and instead of the Logo with that Bubbly font, it had the CREEPSTER font, and it now reads "AstroNOlogy" in Crimson text, then the title card popped up, the writer and director screens were blank, including the Name of the Episode, and nobody was in the image. I thought it would be an empty, plain, black screen, just like in the episode, ClubBBC T.V calls "undefined", but here's how it went:

It started with Aries, something was off.. it sounded like something post-traumatic had happened, his expression got sadder and sadder until' the time reached 1.00, it was. HIDEOUS!! He started to bawl to laughter as if he was having some kind of bipolar situation.. he then said, instead of that HTF-Like talking, in a low-pitched voice that almost sounded like Thanos but in a way more demonic form "I WILL F$"#ING KILL ALL OF THEM FOR BETRAYING ME!!!!", i.. was.. stunned. HOW COULD HE USE SUCH STRONG LANGUAGE ON A KID'S SHOW?! Before I could complain to Lemon Sky, a static flashed into the episode, it'd shown Leo and Scorpio.. making out? I know this is random bc each relationship is by zodiac, some don't fit much actually, that's what I knew, but this time, it was a little different, personal parts could be seen, as they were having anal SEX. I wanted to complain to Lemon Sky about the NSFW content, but to no avail.. then another static flashed for 2 mins! It then had shown an image of both Leo and Scorpio, their heads only could be seen, decapitated from their body, with Libra, roaming around the "White Box", looking for ARIES probably to give him a exorcise.. but then what sounded like a Hyper-Realistic Scream could be heard, making me jump, the most unfathomable thing I've ever heard or felt by seeing that episode. I was cowering as I heard the scream, it sounded as if someone was on a killing spree bc I also heard faint stabs and blood splats, as if someone got gored. I just can't describe the fact this is getting rogue, after that sound effect combo, a static played for just 30 seconds, and it then cut to a fortune like most times, but this time it was different. it read "Aries: The way to stall depression is to murder various innocent victims", it then had shown Aries, waltzing to the camera, instead of his usual looks, he had his eyes hollow, as if the incident was some kind of horror stuff, he also looked pale, covered with tints of blood all over his body, including the knife, I discovered that he didn't likely kill everyone, the following:









were left clueless about their deaths, the credits were blank, no characters in it, just a plain, stodgy, outer space background, the copyright credit with the "A Lemon Sky Production" caption was absent, something wasn't right.


I called Lemon Sky about How awkward was the new episode! Here was the entire talk:

Me - "Hello? Is this the Lemon Sky Company?"

Random Lemon Sky Worker - "Yea.. you're calling Braddy.."

Me - "Oh yes! Brad! I do remember you from 3rd grade!"

Braddy - "Yeah.. glad.. are ya, Ray?"

Me - "Yes, indeed. Btw, I'm telling you that I saw an episode, the episode had a lot of NSFW content. I just want to know the truth."

Braddy - "You mean about AstroLOLogy?"

Me - "Yea. I feel worried about this entire sorrow making children dislike the show.."

Braddy - "Alright, ready to see the truth?"

Me - "Yea.."

Braddy - "Well, here goes everything. I had one colleague suffering from schizophrenia, he did voice Leo, Libra, and Scorpio, well, my work found out that the colleague with his bestie, also working on the Lemon Sky Headquarters, made an Adult Party Episode to piss off children, he thought the fortune there was just something real. we decided to air it on Friday the 13th, 2018 as a tribute to that episode. I just don't wanna start an immense argument here, I only know that not all characters were there.."


Braddy - "Yea.. just don't yell at me, I'm now hanging up.."

Me - "WH-"

(call ends)



The e- 同僚は彼の狂気のために死ぬ必要があります