"Are you alright, Justin?" i said to him.

I'm a girl who lives in Canada, i'm a Canadian who has many friends. Today, it was the most creepiest experience i never lived in my entire life.

Today, me and my friend Justin were playing together until a moment i was going to diner along with my family. - So sweetie, how was your day at school? my dad asked me. "It was great, great!" i answered. I was eating my 3 pizzas, and some fries. After eating, i came back to my room to play with Justin again.

When i came back, there was something wrong.

"Bye", he said to me.

"Why are you saying “bye“ ?" i asked.

Then, he leaved me alone for a second and i joined him.

When i joined him, he didn't moved once again. He stayed like this for 5 minutes and he has been gone again to his house. I was confused.

Then, i came to his den, he didn't even said a word.

"Are you alright Justin?" i asked to him.

He didn't even said a word again.

Tomorrow, i came back to his house, again.

He didn't even said hello to me.

"Are you alright, Just? You seems to be strange, today." i asked him again.

I was wondering if it was a joke, but, i didn't know the truth about it.

The other day, i came BACK once again to my friend's house.

He didn't moved, he didn' talked...

"Justin, are you sure to be okay? You didn't listen to me for about 2 days ! Are you angry to me or something ?" i asked him once again.

Justin didn't moved again, he didn't even said a word to me. I was sad a bit, i thought he didn't wanted to talk to me. I was depressed because no ones loved me and he was my last hope.

The other day again, i came back to his house.

He changed of place, he was lying to his bed, with the opened eyes.

"What's wrong with him, is he joking again ? " I asked myself.

When i removed the blanket, i discovered blood and some holes, and a knife. There was a word on the knife.

"You're next."

I was shocked about this, i didn't even said a word. I was silent. So silent that i didn't wanted to talk again of my life.

Then, someone appeared mysteriously in front of me, saying : "Are you the girl who was the friend of my.. victim?" he says.

"Wait, are you Justin's killer ?" i asked.

"Yes and you're next..." said the man.

There was a black screen appeared, saying : "You're next."