onamIf you know the Youtube channel kittylover75, then you know Andreanna. She's the main star of the channel, and her name was mentioned at least once (in her video "'Let it Grow' but I think Kitty went total ape while singing"). Well, enough said, now, let's go to the story.

It started on April Fool's Day when I was on kittylover75's channel to see if there was an April Fool's joke posted. I saw a video named "Andreanna's Suicide", and I thought that it was a Rick Roll, but I was wrong.

The episode started with Andreanna, crying. The screen was staticy. She said, "Hey guys, kittylover75 here, and I'm feeling really depressed." She held up a piece of a broken disc. She positioned the camera on her hand, and started cutting her wrist with it. 
Bandicam 2017-05-13 18-10-53-537

Andreanna cutting her wrist with a piece of broken disc.

After that, she adjusted the camera to where it was viewing her wrist. It was bleeding. The blood was real (what do you expect, the video was recorded in real life). She makes the camera face her, then she says her final words, "Thanks for watching my channel... good... bye..." She then collapsed in front of the camera. A black screen says, "DISCLAIMER: Andreanna is not really dead. It's just a joke, bro. Well, see you in the "next" video. "

Okay, I've pretended to be dead all my life, but let me tell you, that was one cruel joke.
Bandicam 2017-05-13 18-11-32-551

Andreanna's wrist bleeding.

Bandicam 2017-05-13 18-13-05-406

Andreanna after she collapsed on the desk. (Unseen)