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Hi, my name is Johnny. As an average 14-year old intern, I always loved the show Alphablocks, and I still love it today. My favorite character in the series was Alphablock B. I couldn't really find the reason why; she was just so darn cool with her big blue bass guitar. My 15 year old sister, Julia, my friends, Ashley, Martha, and Rebecca, also loved Alphablocks. We were also into younger children's cartoons, like Teletubbies, Pingu, Rugrats, SpongeBob, etc.. In fact, we made our own fan club, called the Nostalgia Club (we honestly couldn't think of a better title.) We always thought of the show having no actual conflict, which we thought was perfect. However, there was a peculiar episode that made us think twice about Alphablocks.

Me and my friends were at Dollar General, the one nearest to us has a DVD rack where we can buy movies. There weren't many movies we were interested in, but there was also a DVD section where they sold Children cartoon DVDs. We bought 3 Rugrats DVDs, 2 SpongeBob DVDs, and just when we were going to buy them. We saw an odd DVD case lying on the floor. As I picked it up, the case was made of purple construction paper, and it had "ALPHABLOCKS" written in Sharpie, along with a poorly drawn B. When we saw the back of it, It had only 1 episode: B's Mistake. The title gave me a chill down my spine, but as the leader of the club, I decided that it was just a normal Alphablocks DVD, just with a homemade cover. When we bought our DVDs, the cashier said that the Alphablocks DVD was a pre-owned DVD, and that the last one who bought it complained that her daughter was deeply traumatized after watching it. But me and my friends bought it anyway. All of us were very naive about being warned about certain stuff. We thought that the cashier was crazy. We know better now......

Anyway, all of our parents wouldn't be home until tomorrow afternoon, and since we were all old enough to be alone in the house, I invited my club over to my house for some DVD binge-watching. That evening, we watch our 3 Rugrats DVDs and 2 Spongebob DVDs, and after that, Martha, the youngest at 12, said that there was one DVD we hadn't watched yet. It was the Alphablocks DVD from before.

As the least naive of the group, I had a pretty bad feeling about the DVD, but I ignored that. When I looked at the disc, the DVD itself was also strange. The front was also purple and "Alphablocks Finale" was written in Sharpie. Ashley suggested that it was probably just a copy of the episode "Bop," where B and D argue over musical differences, and B broke one of D's drumsticks by mistake, and the other girls agreed. But that episode didn't really end the series as there were a whole lot more episode that aired after that one. Anyway, I popped the DVD into my DVD player and when it played, it skipped the BBC logo for some reason, and it went to a Cbeebies bumper that made us all jump. And guess what it was: The little yellow blobs were red and they were hanging on gallows as the Cbeebies title was oozing with blood. We thought this was only a morbid joke to scare us. Anyways, it went straight to the Alphablocks intro without any menu selections. It seemed normal, but something was wrong: B nor her brother D were in the intro or the title card. We figured that this episode might be special. The episode started with B playing her bass guitar until K came in, kicking his football(soccer ball). B then says "Wow! That trick was brilliant, K! Can I try?" K says "OK, B. But it takes a pro like me to kick it right." B ignores what K says and kicks the football hard, and that's when things started to take a dark turn.

The ball landed into what seemed like a bush. B and K rush over to the bush, and just when K grabbed his ball, a live action large black spider, instead of an animated one crawls over to K and bites his arm. K winced as he successfully grabbed his football, but he grabbed his bitten arm in pain as he began to cough up a bit of blood. Blood also oozed from where the spider bit him. B was horrified. "Oh bother! K, are you alright?! I'm so sorry! I'll get some help!!" B cried as she tried to help K up. K then says in a weary tone "It's OK, B. You didn't mean to...." but K was cut off when he tried to gasp for air, then he collapsed on the ground, his wound oozing some kind of black stuff. B looked down with a worried expression on her face as tears filled a bit of her eyes. We were shocked and a bit disturbed when this scene happened. Rebecca, the nerd of the group, began to wonder if BlueZoo would actually allow something like this to be on a kid's show. I shrugged and we continued to watch.

Then it skipped to a scene to what looked like a hospital, with a text saying "2 hours later" in Times New Roman. It shows K in a hospital bed with his sister, C, beside him. K's expression was calm, his eyes closed as if he were in a coma, but he looked every pale, as if he were running a fever, and the bite he got from the spider was now purple and bruised with a pretty much realistic infection. "Please be okay big brother." C whispered to her unconscious brother. The doctor, who was surprisingly a live action girl instead of an animated 2d-ish one like in some episodes, probably like 12 years old, came in and attempted CPR. She had 2 defibrillators and shocked K with them, hoping that would help him. When she tried everything, even a possible antidote for black widow venom, which didn't work, she said somberly "I am sorry, C. Your brother is dead. We tried our best to help, but we had no luck. The spider's venom was too effective even for the antidote we gave him. Once again, we're sorry, C." Shocked and saddened by the news, C then began to cry quietly on K's motionless, now lifeless, corpse as the doctor walked out of the room.

This continued for 2 minutes until fading to black. After 20 seconds, we see all the Alphablocks gathered for what we assumed was K's funeral. B was also there, but she looked more guilty than sad as D wondered why she looked like she was responsible for this. X the superhero of the group, then announced "Alphamortals, we are here to honor our beloved football player, K, who died when he was bitten by a black widow while saving his football from a bush. He was best known for his amazing football skills and tricks, and we will miss him greatly. And K will miss you too." before walking off the screen as some other Alphablocks said goodbye to K. H quietly said to K "K, I just wanted you to know that I'll always love you, you were the best boyfriend that I've ever had, and no one could replace you even though you're dead." Even though K obviously didn't respond that he was dead. This surprised us because nowhere in the show did it ever mention that H and K were in a relationship, but since we all shipped them a bit, we ignored it. It seemed to be pretty long, and we also ignored it as well.

But, we almost puked when we saw K's corpse in the coffin. K was dressed in a black tuxedo instead of his usual football attire, but aside his fancy clothes was that he looked much paler than when we last saw him, his eyes were gouged out, and his tuxedo had a big reddish stain in the middle, which we already knew was a large gash in his stomach. Not only that, but his tongue looked bluish and his glass case was cracked, but not like his sister's at all. No, it was literally shattered as blood and brain matter oozed from his head. Most of the girls, including me (a boy), held our puke, but for some reason, Martha nor Julia were sickened nor were they horrified from this gruesome scene. That's because they have thick stomachs.

After what seemed like forever, we see B, sitting on her bed looking even more depressed than C was when her brother died. The sky was a deep crimson, and B's eyes were bloodshot, as if she hasn't had any sleep at all. She started crying, but it wasn't like the cartoon crying we'd normally see in the show, but it sounded real, as if her actress was actually crying. It even LOOKED real, her tears being clear and realistic rather than light blue and animated. After 2 minuted of this sad scene, we hear a bone-chilling, ear piercing, stomach churning high pitch scream from B. This continues for 5 minutes until it cuts to static. When it cleared, what we saw was horrible: we see a black and white clip of what looked like a little girl, probably like 6 years old. She was in a forest, getting attacked by a large wolf. The wolf was tearing her flesh, then it bit her arm and tugged it, pulling it off. There were also such real-looking organs scattered on the ground. They weren't actually real guts, but they looked a bit more realistic than movie effects or CGI. We were still so sickened by this that I actually hurled in the trashcan in my kitchen.

When I returned, it showed B again, still crying, only it sounded louder and more distorted, and her tears were black now. After 4 minutes of this, she said " What have I done?? Should I end my life for this?? What's the purpose of life?!" Just then, a rope dropped down from the sky, long enough to create a noose! B's brother D then comes by and says "Sister, what are you doing?" B replies "I am leaving this hellish world for what I have done!" D sees B with the rope around her neck and cries "B, we all understand it was an accident! Do not do this!! Please!! C forgives you for getting her brother killed!! Please don't kill yourself!!!" But it was too late. B kicked the stool from her feet and died as blood seeped from her neck, her eyes extinguished with black and red pupils, and her tears were still traveling down her cheeks. But what really disturbed us was the fact that B has lost her mouth. B, the young, slightly sassy bassist I knew and loved, was dead. Now what kind of children's program would depict something this disturbing? Did whoever make this think this, as in suicide, was a joke?

The only known screenshot of the episode (Note: This is fake)

B's body slipped from the noose and fell to the ground as D went over to his lifeless sister and sobbed intensely, sounding just as real as B's. 3 minutes later, he is seen with a bottle of potassium cyanide. He whispers "Don't despair sister. I'm coming with you." He then consumes the chemicals, and then he coughs up blood and collapsed right next to his sister, both of them dead as their mouths began to foam a bit. It showed these 2 corpses for 1 minute, then the episode ends. There were no credits, only a message in what looked like Japanese. I was about to eject the DVD, but then the young doctor from before walked to the screen and said in a somewhat serious tone.

"Earlier this week, we have lost 4 Alphablocks. First, Alphablock K was the first one to die as he was bitten by a black widow, showing to have an allergic reaction to spider bites. After his funeral, B felt really guilty about what happened to K, getting to the point where she has been found on a noose, revealing to have committed suicide. Her older brother D was also found in the same location, dead on the ground next to his sister, also to have committed suicide over B's suicide. 3 weeks later, C has been grieving her older brother greatly, and she too has committed suicide in order to be with K. All 4 of these Alphablocks were very important to us. But now, they're no more. Suicide is the consequence of life." But just before she could walk off, she said in a demonic voice "Who's next?" As she stabbed the screen with a knife.

It cut to static for 10 seconds, then it started to show the corpses of the mentioned Alphablocks for 2 minutes, all of them dead in a realistic grotesque fashion, before I ejected the DVD, thinking that the cashier was right all along. Now I know why the customer's daughter became traumatized. None of us could sleep that night after what we witnessed.

The next morning, I contacted Blue Zoo, the company who created Alphablocks, and demanded to know why they would make such a dreadful episode about our favorite show. When I showed them the video, they explained that this was created by a young woman named Laura Skoll, who lost her best friend when he was bitten by a black widow. Her little sister was also killed by a wild wolf. Skoll was deeply hurt by both of these deaths and began submitting such morbid episodes of The Alphablocks getting killed. When she made one, called B's Mistake, BBC accidentally aired it without even realizing the content, hoping that it would make a good finale for Alphablocks. When that happened, Skoll committed suicide, knowing that it was her mistake. Then I asked about the Japanese message at the end. They said that the translation for the message was "This episode was originally aimed to be the finale of Alphablocks. However, due to its disturbing nature, there were many, many complaints about children becoming disturbed by the episode. Watch at your own risk." And for her daughter, Macy, who was asked to do the role of the doctor in the episode, despite being 12 years old, has been a psychotic surgeon for 2 years, making her one of the youngest "doctors" in history, who has also been respnsible for several toddler murders after her mother committed suicide. So there was only one way to deal with the DVD: Ashley smashed the disc into bits and threw them in the fireplace, where it belonged.

Anyway, me and my club still love Alphablocks, but now we're more aware of the situations in each episode, all because of B's Mistake.