Around May of 2012, I was in the video store buying movies and there's one DVD I saw. It's called, "Almost Naked Animals".

So I bought it. When I got home, I put the DVD in my DVD player, sat on my chair and prepared to watch the DVD. The main menu popped up, and there is no music. The menu has four options. They are "Play All", "Episodes", "Audio and Subtitles", and "Extras". So I clicked "Play All".

The episode starts with the normal intro. The title card read, "Howie's Suicide." The episode starts with Octo relaxing, and then a noise came in on the scene. It was Howie doing the bum stunt. Howie said, "I didn't get a splinter." Howie fell down. Bunny came in and said, "Oh, my gosh! Howie, are you okay?"

And then the screen went to black for 10 seconds, and it comes back with Howie's face on the screen. Howie lied down on the road and waited for a bus to kill him. And then the episode ended.

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