Alright guys, it's about time I do this. I've been promising you guys that I'll do this, & here you go. It's been in constant delay for quite the amount of time, but I'd say that'll change right here, right now! Now, this is going to be an absolutely long one, so PREPARE YOUR EYES!!!

Part 0: Introduction

Remember the other Akazukin ChaCha feelspasta I did a while back(ok, you guys most likely don't)? Well, if you did, then you may know that in it(SPOILER ALERT FOR PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T READ IT though you probably don't care), Riiya, & Shiine went on a journey that led them to become a couple. While that may sound nice to some, to the people at TeleBlazer, Magnolia Entertainment(this special was 85% written by Leaning Cup Entertainment, who also made F-16 Fighter Jets(which was a decent show, but not really anything special)), & many American Akazukin ChaCha fans, this didn't really make any sense, which caused it to never air.

Now, why did it not air? Well, the exact reason why it never actually got to air was because it wasn't really following the continuity the English dub settled. You are, in the English dub changed several things(mostly to make it truer to Sarah Sultanna(original name:Yokishi Sultanna)'s original script), from making Shiine more of a jerk, albeit being punished for his heinous actions, turning Riiya from an extremely dumb idiot into more of the internationally smart one(as in not knowing much about the land itself, but knowing a lot about the outside world), to even giving the magic ChaCha uses the name, "Japamagic", which was done to explain why she says Japanese words in order for her magic to work(the former two can be thanked by Studio Pierrot's Canadian subsidiary World of Canada Ltd. for helping out on new animation which looked just like the original animation. However though, this wasn't the biggest change out there, because one specific change(one that Sarah Sultanna approved of) became the change that had the show continue on for longer than its Japanese run. It was a change so genius to them, that it's still considered by then as a hardcore piece of teamwork.

Originally in episode 77(OVA 3), it ended with the Urara Magic School losing a tug-o-war game with the school Popy escaped from(can't remember the original Japanese name, sorry about that) because ChaCha hopelessly let go of the rope on purpose. Thus, Popy had to go back there, & ChaCha had to go there too. Then, when it came time for dubbing that episode for TV(because why not), ChaCha still lets go of the rope, but fortunately for Popy, Riiya was pulling the rope strong enough to lead the other school(now called Hyper Magician Dome)'s students losing any holding on the rope, with them sent flying through the air. With that, Urara Magic School win the game, which meant Popy could stay at Urara. Popy thanks Riiya for the help, & goes to meet the other classmates he hasn't met yet.

This change was made because the original ending wasn't well responded by Sarah Sultanna who considered Popy her favorite character, & thought he would need better character structure than that. After that, Sarah Sultanna talked to Magnolia Entertainment about making new episodes with them as the new main writers of the series, & World of Canada Ltd. be the all-time animator. They agreed, & around December of 1995, a full 1 year, & 5 months before the show started airing on TeleBlazer, new Western-made episodes started to be produced, & thus Popy started to get new character development along the way.

One of those pieces of character development was that he was befriended by Riiya, though Popy, while considering him the nicest person to him, didn't really consider him a friend(which to him was because the Hyper Magician Dome, while did give him the ability to do telekinesis, was filled with people who didn't listen to him at all, so he had no friends). This later changed almost at the end of episode 100, after a bubble batch popped, in which ChaCha started to make jokes. Popy's scream can be heard in the distance as a cry for help(earlier on, he started to fall down a hill flat on his body from a swinging tree) all the while ChaCha, Riiya, & Shiine laughed. Riiya then realized that Popy was there, stopped laughing, & ran to save Popy.

Popy then fell down onto the cliff, while Riiya got a super long rope to save him. He threw the rope way down, & Popy grabbed upon it once he saw it. Riiya then pulled the rope up as strong as he could, trying to get Popy up. It worked, & once Popy saw Riiya, he said thank you to him, but... he stopped there, just looking at him. His eyebrows weren't down on the ends that were closer to the eyes, but we're instead upwards.

Then, after a few seconds, Popy started to do something for the first time in the series. He smiled.

"Now that is what a true friend does.", Popy said, & he then hugged Riiya, rolling on the ground with him.

That was when Riiya realised that he just made him a true friend. After that, they were best friends throughout the series, with both of them understanding each other, & hanging out together a lot more often. However though, Popy seemed to view him as more than a best friend. It was like, he was ambiguously gay.

This was evident in that he would cheer him up multiple times, give him some of the best praises, & would even blush everytime somebody said that Riiya was his best friend. Another piece of evidence is that they had many heartwarming moments together, from him telling Riiya why he was his first ever friend, relaxing outside at the sunset under a tree, meeting SpeederTrax racer Jeff Uragist, & most incredible,finally getting to meet Popy's father in the place of Granzha, where Popy was born, but had to get out because of how awful in condition the place was.

Those moments, & several others, alongside his overall strong, & pure relationship with Riiya made him an amazing, & truly worthwhile character to the American fanbase. It was like they were meant to be together. Unfortunately, a bunch of party pooping parents decided to go full out insane, & claim that Popy was manipulating children into thinking that homosexuality exists, & they didn't want them to know that ever in their life(which sounds very messed up if you think about it).

So, with that in mind, they wanted to create a special about them two(after the other one disappointed them), & they started working on it around January of 1998, & it finally got done around November 1998. Anyways, here I go on it.

BTW, please do not confuse it with the other English dub that aired on Cartoon Network in Southeast Asia. That one is completely unrelated to this one, & FAR inferior.

Part 1: Riiya's Flee Away

The special started off with opening credits that just showcased who voice acted who with a song playing in the background. The instrumentation in the song reminded me of Phantasy Star 2's title screen music simply titled Phantasy a bit, which is a track from the game I liked. The credits then ended, & soon it transitioned to where I see the woods from up above. The camera then goes down, & zooms into ChaCha, Riiya, & Shiine all walking in the woods. ChaCha was whistling what sounds like, "Spanish Flea", Riiya tossing a orange, & yellow ball straight up, & Shiine was doing... eh, nothing special really.

I assume they were going to the Urara Magic School since they were later talking about the last day of school.

"Hey, isn't this the last day of school?", ChaCha questioned.

"Why yes it is ChaCha! I checked my calendar last night.", Riiya answered shortly.

"Wait, really? It is?", Asked Shiine, confused as to what he had just heard from them.

"Yeah! Did you just forget? Our sensei Rascal said so. I even checked my calendar, & the last day is May the 22nd.", Said Riiya, smiling along.

"I never thought it would come this early. I was expecting the last day to be around June.", Shiine replied.

"Our school is one of the lucky few here to end on May 22nd like several US schools.", Riiya responded.

"Why do you always say such untruthful claims from a parallel universe that doesn't exist?", Asked Shiine.

"I'm not! I know my international knowledge.", Said Riiya.

As they go towards the school, they see all their classmates filling up at the door, excusing each other along the way. Then the screen faded to a scene where the entire Banana section class(yes, I know to you non-ACC fans that it sounds weird, but yeah it's really called that. Trust me, I know my stuff.) was singing, "Kyou ga Living", which was the only song from the original that carried over to the dub. After that, their sensei(teacher in Japanese) Rascal starts to shatter into tears of fearful sadness since it was the last day of school for the students.

"Oh how this dreaded day has come to burn through us once again, oh how the world just kicks this day into our faces like nothing had happened, oh how I would miss you all with the very proud pleases of my will! I can't stress it enough because you guys made me truly happy for who I am!", He shocked out of his mouth, shining the tears within his very presence like a new moon.

All the students were in tears too in mere seconds later, some even coming up to Rascal to hug him for the final time in the year. 20 seconds afterwards, it then fades to a scene where ChaCha, & her classmates were walking home. Popy waved goodbye to everyone, but Riiya was the only one who waved back, & say goodbye with the others just minding their own business.

"Here is a cool fact that I know! Did you know that in certain areas I the US, the word, 'Genesis' is 100% associated with gaming?", Said Riiya.

"The US? Are you still sure that place still exists?", Yakko-Chan said.

"Oh come on Riiya, you know that it doesn't exist silly boy.", ChaCha giggled out her words.

"You're daydreaming again Riiya!", Said Orin.

"I know Shiine-Chan would say that to me, but you guys too!?", Said Riiya, udderly confused of why this is happening.

"ChaCha told me that she finds it strange that you tend to talk quite the amount of nonsense. You really are a cuckoo person after all.", Laughed Marie.

Then, everybody started to giggle, or laugh at Riiya, who was in a huge shock just by seeing all of this happening. It was like he had seen a murder take place if you were to look at his expression closely.

"Hahaha, your dreams are gone, crushed to teeny tiny little bits, destroyed down into the ground, absolutely obliterated to a point that's outright beyond repair! You see, not a single person even remotely cares about what you have to say, nor you yourself at all! Nobody ever even wants you around, you worthless good-for-nothing mutt! Oh wait, mutt is way too generous of a word to even describe you. You are an absolutely, ferociously, unexpectedly, universally worthless, & useless insult to paperweight that has been drinking for 20 years, & then put in a blender with 3 year old cheese!", Shiine shouted out in exploding destruction before Riiya's very eyes.

"You hideous CREATURES!!! I seriously can't even believe every single one of you would do this to me. That's it! That is the very final straw, the straw that broke my back so hard that I can feel my bones exfoliating inside me before they explode! I am outta here, & I'm never coming back! GOODBYE FOREVER!", Shouted, & teared Riiya, running as fast as he could as far away from them as humanly possible.

His classmates continued on laughing, & making jokes about Riiya like they were all some sort of combining insult machine. It all continued until ChaCha saw that he was gone, out of sight, absolutely nowhere around. This made her suddenly stop laughing.

"Uhmmm... where did Riiya go?", She asked, curious as to where Riiya went.

"I don't know ChaCha, I really don-hold on a second. Did we just do what I think we did!?", Orin then responded, & realized something was off.

"We... we just became meanies, right?", Then asked Marie, whom of which is now in fear of what just happened.

"Oh come on, I'm pretty sure he deserved that! He's an insult to paperweight in human's clothing! What can he do right? Oh, I almost forgot what he did right. NOTHING!", Roastingly said Shiine.

ChaCha quickly punched him into the ground, & put most of the dirt back in.

"Well, I'll be going back to my bunker(an abandoned bunker Yakko-Chan established as her new home in episode 109) now. I want to do something that doesn't involve Shiine-Chan ruining anything!", Yakko-Chan responded, & off she went.

"Say, what should we do to get back Riiya? I don't want to see him gone forever.", Said Orin, who had the fear of losing her friends.

"I know! We could FORCE HIM BACK!", Shiine shouted, going in a higher pitched tone than before.

"No, that would be so mean, don't you guys think?", ChaCha exclaimed.

"Drag him back?", Asked Marin.

"No you perverted freak! What's with you, & your... perverted actions!?", Said ChaCha, frustrated with Marin as usual.

"Ooooohhhh, you think I'M scary, huh?", Marin taunted ChaCha.

ChaCha decided that enough was enough, & said, "Well, I shall be getting home. There, I'll do something that's actually nice, & definitely NOT like what you two people want to see happen. It's better that I hold onto the subject matter instead of you two!", leaving home.

"Well Marin-Chan, you just love making her mad, & it just gets me on my nerves!", Orin said.

The scene ends once Marin walks away off the screen, which soon fades to black.

Part 2: At Seravy's House

The next scene starts off with a 3/4 perspective of Seravy's house before it sets into the inside. In the house, ChaCha can be seen being very quiet, drawing something with crayons.

"Say, you're very silent today. What's going on with you?", Asked Seravy.

"Oh, I see. What a nice picture you're drawing. What's the matter though? Are you really not going to talk to me today? Hello? Beep beep, beep beep, doodalelelelelelele! babababababa.", He added.

"Hey, I'm busy right here, & now, so it's best to just leave me alone!", ChaCha shouted out of annoyance.

"Oof, alright then, Mrs.Social Issues Girl, like a smirky one over here, hehehe.", Seravy responded.

Once ChaCha heard that, she made a grinning sound, & moved further away from him. Suddenly, they can both hear a knock on the door.

"Can I come in?", The mysterious person faintly asked.

"Yes! Do come in!", Seravy proclaimed.

The door finally opens up to reveal that the mysterious person was Popy. He said hi to the both of them.

"ChaCha, remember when I asked Riiya if he wanted to go to the lake of Trinstey? Well, he desperately wanted to go there with me!", Popy said to ChaCha.

"Oh yeah, I do! He really wants to go anywhere that you know.", ChaCha replied.

"Much to my dismay though, I can't find him anywhere, & I'm the only one who knows where the lake is located. Perhaps you might know where Riiya is, do you ChaCha?", Popy explained, then asked to her.

ChaCha denied on knowing where he is, but proceeded to explain what happened earlier. Popy was crazy shocked to hear what had happened, his face in blasting horror galore!

"N-n... oh... oh no. That can't be. N-no way... that's giving me horrible flashbacks that I no longer want in my head! No, no, NOOOOO!!!!", He was in a state of frightening feels with a feared voice like he had saw something truly terrifying.

"Oh no, looks like you could've had almost the same experience as he had before, right?", Asked ChaCha, very curious about him.

"Oh... (sigh), yes I did. It was sort of like how you described it. There were several differences. First, I was in kindergarten when I had that experience, & 2, it was purely through looks instead of what I say. Oh deary, that last day of kindergarten still haunts my mind way deep inside very much, & it'll never escape my memories!", Popy shivered out his words in deep fear.

The screen then fades into a flashback from that very time ago. The music in the first part of the flashback reminded me of the Terrible Sight track from Phantasy Star 4 a lot, even though the pitch was 7 pitches lower, & at 40% speed of the original. There were multiple classmates laughing at Popy for his clothing, & hair(albeit not from the class he was in, but the ones next door, previous door, & the doors after). His clothes included a yellow shirt that had a few dirty stains on it, a pink jacket that had a very hard to use zipper, pink shoes with the upper left, & right sides being almost completely torn off, little boxes in place of socks he didn't have, & yellow shorts that were partly demolished at the very bottom right. His hair was of a blonde color with curls alongside a few pink bracelets.

Popy was so frightened at such a horrible sight. The fact that he didn't have anyone to live with, but was instead alone in the woods, & that these were the only clothes he even had at the time, being sold at a flea market which made him buy them using his only yen(he had 45 yen with him) made it even worse. He tried to get his classroom teacher to help him out in the situation, but he didn't know what to do since it was the first time he ever saw that happen to him. Ultimately, Popy gave up, & started to run away crying.

"(cries) I hate you, I hate every single one of you! I don't wanna see your faces again! I deserve better people around here, not big jerks like you guys! I'm getting out of here as fast as I absolutely can, & will! Don't even TRY to stop me because none of you are worth a stay in here!", Popy was completely teared up. His voice was notably higher pitched, sounding like a young little girl, which was done to make him sound younger since this was a flashback to 3 years prior.

A few seconds later, he eventually went outside the school, & went into a tree 20 feet away from the school. He was still in tears, wishing that he'd be somewhere safe from them.

"Oh I wish I can be safe. I wish for good mercy from evil malicious jerks like those! Not even my own classmates would understand since they all ignore me, & deny my existence to everyone else. Why is it that I'm always treated like a disease to many people? Oh why, whhhhyyyy?", he cried out in shame.

You would be shocked to hear this stuff, but it only gets more shocking from there. What I said earlier in the introduction about his father, & having to escape Granzha he was born at wasn't the whole story. Not only that, but about 10 seconds after he was finally born, his mother died. Nobody knew why he died until episode 115 where he, & Riiya well... meet his father where we found out she died because she had stage 8 cancer which was a disease that was spreading throughout the entire country 2 weeks before, & while they did have a vaccine for it, it was ultimately too late for her.

Even when Popy finally escaped Granzha into his new home, he was alone in the woods without any clothes, & a wrap of paper around him. He wouldn't even get those clothes until he was 3, & a half years old. So yeah, his life at that point was quite miserable, & with that new flashback sequence in this special, I really started to feel awful for him. Nobody to protect him, barely anything to wear, his clothes were of bad quality, & never had a friend until he went to Urara Magic School where he met Riiya(who is his only friend which is one of the biggest reasons why he has a crush on him).

"Oh, that's terrible! If I were there in that moment, I would've protected you. You really did a need hug in that moment. A big, comfy hug to satisfy you, & your feelings.", Said ChaCha.

"Fortunately, I got into something better than that later on.", Popy said, & another flashback commances into play.

It starts off with Popy still crying at the tree when suddenly a guy in a little tan shirt, & black pants shows up, looking somewhat similar to Riiya on facial design with blue eyes, but he sounded a little younger than before.

The guy speaks out a couple of words: "Hello little one. What's your name?".

Popy said his name, & the guy shook Popy's right hand with his right hand.

"My, you look to be in bad condition. Why don't I give away these nice clean clothes to you? Nobody in my family wants them, so I guess you could have them.", The guy said.

"Oh, thank you! This is incredible! You must be a truly good person!", Popy said before the guy ran off waving goodbye, in which Popy waved back.

"And that right there was how I got the clothes I wear today. Yeah, they were a little tall for me back then, but hey, they were in great condition. The hair however would come later on.", Popy said.

The flashback follows on to 1, & a half year later. Popy was now at the school that was unnamed in the dub(don't ask). He was just eating lunch when he accidentally launch a spoon with grapes onto his hair.

"What the!? No, no, get it off!", He said, but instead of getting off, it led to his hair changing color entirely, & becoming far more flat. Yeah, I know, sounds weird, but hey I guess it works?

Later on, the resulted hair started to get drier, & drier until it had become permanent, & no matter what the heck he would do, it'll always be flat, & purple. Eventually, he grew on it, & started to think that it fit his telekinesis powers he learned there.

"Wow, who knew that a bunch of grapes could just change your hair permanently? It sounds so... strange to think about.", ChaCha replied.

"Oh come on, those kids were having lots of fun! It's what I used to do to the unpopular classmates back during my times, & nobody gave out a complaint. It was like the perfect way to have fun!", Said Seravy.

Popy then started to get furious.

"W-w-w-WHAAAATTT!?!? Are you completely out of your mind!? What have you decomposed into your mouth sir!? Those words you said in THAT particular order are outright awful things to say, & it was an awful thing to do!", Replied Popy.

"Popy-Chan's right you know!", Said ChaCha.

"ChaCha, I know what's best for our world.", Said Seravy, trying to "justify" his actions(they don't help, they instead make him look like a fool).

"So you think that's it okay for those people to bully, & torment me in my sake!? Well, I. THINK. NOT!!! All that does is make you look like a psychopathic serial killer with not a single piece of mind in you that can even be considered remotely human! Those are quite possibly the absolute worst words I have ever heard from you in my entire life! They're not only dumb, more than dumb in fact, but they would actually PUT PEOPLE AT RISK!!!

Worse than that, you seem to not understand that what I've been through before any of this was awful!!! My mother? Gone! Friends? None! Hope? Almost down to zero! With all of that said, seeing you just say those things just makes me so sick, & irritated! You need some actual, legit SERIOUS help because you sound like you're speaking up nonsense from a bunch of stupid rumors out of some stupid encyclopedia some scammy 3 year old made!!!", Popy shout out in extreme blasted power.

"Oh really? You were a stupid retarded idiotic moronic brain sandwich for wearing girls' clothing. It's why Shiine-Chan hates your guts... if you have any that is. He also wishes to pull you down into rain, & have you drown in an ocean for good. Making fun of others is so much fun, & cool. So what you are saying is disrespecting, & disregarding my grateful our culture, soceity, & relig-", Seravy said in not very good English, though ChaCha suddenly cut him off.

"Shut up shut up shut up shut up SHUUUUUUT UUUUUUUUUUUPPPP!!!", ChaCha shouted out.

She than spawned out a rock to drop onto Seravy, just so he could be quiet for about almost an hour at least, or hopefully longer.

"I'm outta this place. Seravy is basically wanting to dig my life deeper into the ground than it has been during the dark times, & I am absolutely NOT willing to have the rest of my day ruined by one stupid person who's doing the crap-talking.", Popy said, & he headed out before you could say, "oops".

ChaCha went out of the house too, not wanting to be with a sleeping idiot, & once both are off-screen, the camera zooms out, & the screen fades to black.

Part 3: The Woods Aren't Friendly

Riiya was walking around the woods very depressed. He really just couldn't justify what had happened before to himself, or to the people that caused it to happen. After all, it was their fault. This went on for a couple of seconds until he had found that his path was being blocked by a bunch of trees.

"Even the woods are willing to laugh at me! It's worse than I had imagined!", said Riiya disgusted by the scene.

He passed through all the trees, though it was a daunting task since most of them had branches that would block the way. Some even had squirrels throwing acorns at him.

"Those squirrels! Looks like they have nothing else to do in their lives than to throw their acorns at me like I'm worthless!", he then shouted, only for the squirrels to chase near Riiya, & harm him.

"Get off me! D-D-Don't do this! This ain't funny! Can't you see that I'm not feeling well already?", he said as the squirrels attacked.

Soon, they stopped, let go of him, & run away. Riiya continued to walk forward, still in his depressing look. This went for a solid minute until he tripped on a rock. The rock was very distant from the group of rocks later down the path.

"Maybe that rock is experiencing my problem now. Feels bad to be betrayed, doesn't it little one?", he talked to the little rock.

"I'll take you around the trees. I think you'll be comfortable there.", he was eager to give the rock some goodness inside its own problem.

"Have a nice day!", he said to the rock.

Then, he noticed the formations of the rock group. The rocks look like they were planning something malicious with their pointy tops, red shape, & grim face forms.

"Quit looking at me like that! I'm not an entertainer!", he said to the rock group, but they were rocks, so they couldn't actually respond.

He then started to have hallucinations of the rocks laughing at them maliciously with no mercy, & flames going on behind them. Riiya then went all out, & completely wrecked them, some even got wide open. There was no mercy at this point, & it really did have to be done, or at least he thought.

"That is what you get you jerks!", he angrily spoke to the rock group, & he started to walk again, this time in a more tilted expression.

"Trees, squirrels, & rocks. What else could those mean nature spirits do that can give me a displeased time!?", Riiya questioned himself.

Afterwards, the screen fades to the next scene.

Part 4: Popy Begins His Search

"Riiya?", Popy yelled for a couple of seconds before getting into sense realising that he's now hugely far abroad at this point, so finding him won't be such a breeze like he thought a little bit beforehand. He went on to the woods, marching along while his thoughts are virtually blank except for what he could do to cheer up Riiya. All the while though, the logs, trees, & even leaves seem to be a little windy today, which is unusual considering it was near the summer, so there wouldn't be that much wind at the time. This was bothering Popy for a while, but he decided to just deal with it really.

"Oh Riiya, I know you're out there somewhere, very very lonely, all in an uncharted place filled with dangerous, or perhaps unnoted things. Don't worry for too long because I know a way to give you a case of cheering for graceful adventures to come. You can always rely on me like a knight in shining armor, to protect you from the darkness, & nothing can take my feelings of you out of me, as I low down your nightmares on a wholesome lovesome day, ooooohhhh Riiya... I know you're out there somewhere, deserted from anything, & everything that is friendly.", Popy sung slowly, & quietly, almost like a whisper.

He thought of many ways to cheer him up, like giving him a hug, & a pat on the head. He also thought of taking him to the playground that he remebered going to a lot since he had no friends back then, or perhaps even take him to a thrift store. So many ideas just roofed his head like fur covering an animal's boy which I mean Riiya is a werewolf, so it would make sense. He really couldn't decide as all were kind choices, so he wouldn't go wrong with just one. Then, he heard a snap.

"Wha-what was that?", he said to himself.

He looked down, & found that he just stepped on a twig.

"Oops, sorry twig. Didn't see you down there.", he said as he continued on his path.

This went on for about 3 minutes, though there would be a couple of trees blocking the way, & he did trip on a log near the end. The music during that moment was a little quiet, but not too quiet. It was slow too, but a little light in tone. Such a nice little tune, & one that reminded me of Atlantean Twilight by Kevin Macleod albeit with small drums added in that can't be heard much unless you listen really carefully.

Popy then saw a shadow of a person, in which he went closer, & closer. He then realised who it was. It was Marie, the blue shirt girl. With that, he got a great idea! He went close to her, wanting to ask her something.

"Oh, hey Popy-chan! How's it going today?", Marie asked him.

"Oh, nothing much", Popy responded.

"Say, would you make a bouquet for me? I want to give it to my friend Riiya. It'll make him happy.", he then questioned.

"Oh, okay then. Hopefully I don't mess this one up!", she answered.

"Come out, hanataba!", she shouted, & an empty bouquet appeared.

Popy picked it up, & thanked her.

"Oh, you're welcome Popy-chan. Hope to see you again soon!", She cheered.

Popy was willing to get the best flowers on the bouquet, making sure that they're all great in condition. He ends up with 5 roses, 8 sunflowers, & 6 dandelions.

"Ahhhh, Riiya would definitley like these. I just can't wait! He really needs me now. I need to give him the courage, & hope to keep on going! 3... 2... 1... GO!!!", He clamored, ready to get to Riiya.

Part 5: ChaCha's Powerful Fury

Shiine could be seen in the background, looking at the clouds, waiting for ChaCha to come there to play. There was no sound, except for the chirping birds. He stands up, twisting around his body before ChaCha sees him.

"Oh, hi there ChaCha-san. Would you mind if I-", Shiine tried to say.

"Yes I DEFINITELEY would. Jeez, you, & Marin-Chan are really, really, REALLY perverted, & it makes me want to spew in front of you.", responded ChaCha.

"I HEARD YOU!!!", Yelled out Marin in a distance.

"Of course you did. By the way Marin, you are a DIM-WITTED MORON!!!", hurriedly shouted ChaCha.

"Huh, you have some words, but I can take your little hood, right?", Shiine said.

"NO! I'm not letting you even slightly touch me, not even a single little time!", ChaCha yelled out, wanting them to leave her alone.

"What's that you got there? It looks like a picture.", Shiine asked.

"Oh, would you like to look at it?", ChaCha asked the two.

"Yes please!", the two answered.

"Alright, I guess you can look. Whatever you do though, don't even laugh.", ChaCha warned to them.

ChaCha showed the picture, err drawing to them. It was a drawing of Riiya, & Popy holding hands together looking at the starry night. The sky was a navy blue while the land was a fathomless green. Shiine started to laugh rapidly while Marin looked in frustration.

"I won't be sorry for laughing at this. You really think those two will be together? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA, no no no!!! Ooohhh, let me get a grip on your hands, & let me take a speedy travelling dome to the island where I can take you, & PULSE YOU!!!", Shiine yelled.

"You serious ChaCha? Why would you ever even want to have those two together? You are an absolute failure amongst your species, so how about I go, & say, hehehe... seduce him.", Marin said.

I was surprised to hear that word in the show, but I guess it explains a bit of how much of a pedophile Marin is. It's like she really, really, REALLY deadly depraved!

"YOU TWO...", ChaCha yelled furiously.

"Woah, what?", The two unknowingly said.

"NEED TO BE PUNISHED!!!", ChaCha yelled once again. She had omega red eyes, & a stare of death.

Shiine, & Marin began to flee as much, & as fast as they could, thinking ChaCha was acting strange.

"YOU CAN'T HIDE, NOR CAN YOU RUN!!!", ChaCha warned them.

Suddenly she fronted her hands, & red beams appear on those hands. They become bolts that go into the sky. Shiine, & Marin began to laugh, but as soon as those bolts touched clouds, they went down, & thrashed right into them. The bolts began to rage even more, to the point that they became ultra strong, & fearless, lurching into bodies like a 300 foot tall splinter that could kill them easily.


"No, no, no, nonononononononononononononononononooooooooo!", Shiine screamed, but ChaCha didn't care any longer at this point. She knew what had to be done.


"Oh no, that hurts to hear. Makes me fe-", Shiine was going to say, but...


"Don't do it to me ChaCha!", said Marin.

"WHY WOULD I GIVE YOU ANY MERCY!? YOU ARE THE MOST EVIL OF THE TWO!!!", ChaCha yelled in anger as to why Marin was willing to be given any sort of mercy.


"His neck is what sepera-", Marin attempted to speak.


Marin, & Shiine couldn't talk at this moment, only being able to grunt, & moan now. Their grunts, & moans were very quiet.


The bolts became stronger, & stronger, & stronger before they completely exploded, causing the screen to go white for 15 seconds. After that, I saw that the part of land Shiine, & Marin were standing on became a very big, & deep hole. It looked to be 120 feet deep, which is rather huge. They had completely passed out, outright asleep. ChaCha meanwhile was walking away not looking back.

Marin quickly woke up, & got out of the hole, but Shiine was still pretty much passed out. The camera then goes very close to Shiine until the screen starts to wobble, & transition into a dream sequence. The dream sequence starts off with Shiine walking through a very dark blue dungeon. You can see flame torches on the walls, & a low, & slow tune played in the background.

"Why am I here? Where is everybody? Will I be able to get out of this place?", Shiine asked himself.

Then, he saw a giant door in front of him. It was very nylon-ish in look, but when he touched it, it was flamin' hot.

"YOUCH!!!", Shiine screamed.

He definitely couldn't open the door without the risk of burning himself to crisps. He waited for about 7 seconds until the door turned red, & slowly opened to reveal stairs. The further he went down, the darker it get. It got so dark that I could actually see my reflection on the TV screen! This special had probably the blackest black in ANYTHING I've seen so far! Once he was at the bottom, I could only see his eyes, & thick outlines, which were now gray. He couldn't see a single thing, but it wasn't a problem since it was just a straight path. Then, he heard a thunder clap.

"WHAT TH- was that thunder? No way, it can't be storming right now!", Shiine said.

"Oh, so it's you, Shiine-Chan that had to show up.", a perplexing voice was heard.

Suddenly, the room got lighter, & it was then revealed that ChaCha, Riiya, Yakko-Chan, & Orin were all there with angry faces.

"It's a bad time to come. You had betrayed all of us in the worst ways possible, & you can't take it back. It's too late. Now, you shall DIE!!!", Orin spoke out.

Orin then threw over 100 shurikens at him, going onto his body. Then Riiya jumped towards him to give him some big punches, & kicks. ChaCha, & Yakko-Chan joined together to create thunder to shock him. After 13 seconds of damage, Shiine died in the dream.

Shiine finally woke up screaming loudly, & in pain. Thankfully, there wasn't a thunderstorm going on in real life.

"Ow, my head. I feel like I'm in pain.", he said once he woke up.

"(sigh), I can't go on without feeling guilty now. I need to do something. Something that I can give to Riiya. Before that though... (sigh) I think I should think about my actions.", Shiine said to himself.

"Oh, chucks, Riiya is nothing at all other than harm! You really thi-", Shiine was about to say, but he snapped out of it with a slap to his own face.

"Stop it dark side of me, I ain't letting you control my thoughts, I gotta do something to benefit Riiya!", Shiine once again said to himself.

He thought about everything he had done for about 2 minutes, & in that time span, we could see flashbacks to earlier episodes, though some of them have new animation for seemingly no reason. Afterwards, he began to feel more unwelcome. He wasn't feeling any sense of goodness, nor any grace. Overall, he knew that he was a jerk now.

"What should I do now? I've done messed up so much that I'm not sure if there's a way to do something beneficial.", Shiine had hopelessly murmored.

10 seconds past by, in which he then got just the idea. He'd draw a picture for Riiya! We all know ChaCha drew one as well, but Shiine thought his needed to be extra special. Thus, his apology picture begins!

Part 6: Shiine's Drawing

"Hmmm... what should I draw? It's gotta be special because I want to know that I truly care about Riiya. I want him to be pleased, be happy, & get a wonderful smile. It'll be the picture I can use to give out my true feelings.!", Shiine said as soon as he got a stack of paper.

The 1st idea he had was Riiya at a village, but to him that wasn't exactly anything special. The 2nd idea was Riiya sitting on a log with Popy standing near him, but he believed that it wouldn't possibly be considered special neither. Then there's the 3rd idea which was Riiya, & Popy dancing with a boombox on a log. To him, he realized that it was a bad idea, so why bother with it?

"Oh boy, my pictures are absolutely NOTHING special. Heck, I don't think I could get them to look good. It's been 5 minutes, & already I feel like I'm doing something wrong.", he said dismally.

"Hmmm... what's the idea that I can do well? I know that the previous ones were bland, but...", he questioned himself.

Suddenly, he got an idea once again. He got another piece of paper, & start to draw much better than the others.

"Oh, this is going to be awesome!!!", Shiine eagered.

First, he drew 2 lines, each going through one, & all. He got onto the top left one, & drew Riiya bitter in a rainy night on a hillslide. The trees had all of their leaves off of them, & on the ground. He couldn't try to find shelter since none of those shelters are anywhere. He got to the top right, & drew almost the same picture, but Popy could be seen walking towards him. The rain seemed to go slow, & easy on the both of them this time around. Then on the bottom left, Riiya was looking at Popy with a smile on his face. Popy looked in hope as he saw Riiya smile. Finally, at the bottom right, the both hugged each other, both smiling to each other. To Shiine, it was the perfect idea that he thought would give Riiya a smile on his face.

"But wait, maybe I can add something on the back. A message perhaps? I definitely think that would be really nice.", he had said.

Then, he thought of what the message should say. He thought of just a simple apology, a little tale, but after a few bit of thinking, he decided to give out a message much more heartwarming than the other 2(we'll get to it later on though when Riiya is given it).

After all of that is done with, he thinks that he is ready to go!

"Alright, better pack it up in a box, & go go go because it's going to be a special delivery!", Shiine gladly cheered out, knowing that he's doing something right.

Part 7: Tennis For Two(heh, we had a video game called that)

Yakko-Chan was setting a ping pong table, with legs that are about 9 inches tall. The top of the table was red, & the ball was purple. She had 2 paddles on the table. One of them was orange, & another one was green. He phewed as she was done setting it up, & waited for ChaCha to come.

"Oh I can't wait for ChaCha to play ping pong with me. It'll be a wonderful time!", she said.

"It looks agreeable to me, heheheh!", ChaCha responded.

"Hey there ChaCha, it's a ping pong course you're looking at. I thought we could play it together as a friend. Want to play?", Yakko-Chan asked.

"Sure! I would love to play ping pong!", ChaCha agreed, feeling positive now.

They grabbed 1 paddle each, & Yakko-Chan started the game.

Yakko-Chan yelled, "Catch ChaCha!", & ChaCha catched it with her paddle, which is what you do in ping pong of course.

The paddles went, "pop, pop, pop, pop!", as the both of them phased to paddle up the ball. Yakko-Chan was especially good at this game, though ChaCha was no slouch either.

Sometimes, the ball would go off the course before it got to the end of one side. Other times, the ball went completely straight. Yakko-Chan, & ChaCha would sometimes also be so close, but won't get the ball. Then there are times where they would end up ballin' high up to the sky. Not to mention the twists, swerves, & turns that would be taken.

I know all of this sounded worthless, but to be honest, it felt really great. It would go in lots of paces, going from very slow to very fast. That's not to mention that it had the smoothest animation in the whole show, almost as good as a Disney's Renaissance movie. The music was this epic sounding rock n' roll tune that sounded quite like this .

After 20 rounds, Yakko-Chan won with about 13 rounds of her own.

"Good one Yakko-Chan. You must've had experience before hand.", ChaCha assumed.

"Oh yeah, I played it once alone before. It was a depressing time, but at least I was prepared to challenge somebody else. You did a good game yourself though.", she responded.

"Thanks! I knew we'd have fun together when I saw it.", ChaCha thanked her.

"You're welcome. You know, I got something to tell you.", Yakko-Chan said wonderously.

"What is it?", Asked ChaCha.

"Well, to be honest, there are people out there who are only friends to you. Me however, I am different. I think that you're not only my friend. I think that you are actually pretty special. First off, you are brave, & kind. You helped me make new friends after I helped you get back to society. You also took me to amazing places all around this land. Remember the Meldohine Valley?", She spoke.

"You mean the valley with lots of melodies, & corn growers?", ChaCha asked.

"Yes, that place. It was all so much fun. We loved seeing the corn growers with their magical ways of making music with those. Oh, & there was the Sunshine Canyon, where we found out about a person named Trinjer who's taking time to make sure that the sunshine that makes our planet have heat will last even after the sun dies. Once the sun is dead, Trinjer's sunshine will be there giving us the same amount of energy the sun had. Oh, & how about the time we did a play? I was the mother of Rapunzel, & you were the witch that took her to your castle. I even remember that Riiya played as Rapunzel. Oh, he surely loves to act as the princess.", Yakko-Chan said once again.

"Oh yeah, that was a fun time. I think Popy was the prince who fell in love with Rapunzel.", ChaCha uttered.

"Oh yeah, & I certainly remember that time we had to protect our land from many missiles, & cannons that were coming towards us while those 2 boys went to the origins of those to stop them.", Yakko-Chan had spoken.

"Wow, that too! I remember that we used a hose to stop a firey beam from the woods. That was so much fun! Oh, & don't forget the giant cloud that shot multiple bolts at us! We had to use an equally as big shield to stop it.", ChaCha added in.

"Why yes, those too. We really had to use our brains there.", Yakko-Chan said, & they both giggled.

"Anyways, all of those show us that you are special. You're not just special though. You are also adorable, bright, brave, funny, & most of all... you are so kind. You are truly the nicest person I've ever met, & I don't think there's any other person like you. It's a true fact that you are what brings more joy to me than Seravy did now that he's some stupid jerk who just can't get out of his beliefs, & find out what real life really is about. Heck, I could say you gave me more joy, pridefulness, & happiness than anyone else in my life, & your hood being as red as a rose, but with a face as beautiful as a sunflower fits you so well. A rose can only give you looks, but a sunflower can bring out the rest just by its looks. Thank you for your joyful moments, & adventures that you brought along to me because I would be lonely without you around really. I'll go make something for the both of us to enjoy together.", Yakko-Chan gave out with a kiss on ChaCha's left cheek.

"See you later Yakko-Chan!", ChaCha said.

"Later ChaCha!", Yakko-Chan reacted.

Part 8: What's Not the Harm?

Riiya was still strolling along the woods all alone with a feeling of sadness, fear, & quandry like a little misfit in a harmful place, & by harmful, he thinks that the harm is very cleverly hidden, & will attack him without being caught by even Orin. Not only that, but he might get into a toxic place without knowing ever since he left. However though, he thinks Mochi Mochi Mountain is still a place of oppressing bullies like he seen earlier in the day. Suddenly, he steps on a branch, & it breaks causing a bunch of other footsteps to be heard alongside hisses, & who's, & chirps. That is where Riiya begans to walk slower, & be cautious just so he won't set off any upcoming predators.

To him, the woods were about to feel off to him. He starts to hallucinate, & see the trees as big horrid creatures ready to eat him if he goes near one of them. The thing here is though, the monsters were asleep, so he thought that he just needed to keep them as such. In that course of action, he decides to slither around in order to not wake them up. This goes on for 25 seconds until he stumbles upon a bush that was 5 times as bag as him, so he decided to hide in it, & slither once again. 20 seconds later, he got to a branching path. Which path should he go on? He saw that the left path was going on a calm down hill, but the right path had multiple holes that look to be very deep. He decided that the left path was the safer option.

After the calm, & 1 minute long stroll down the hill, he came upon one of the monsters that collapsed. Then comes the others in which seem to move towards him for dinner. He ran as fast as he could, & absolutely leaped above the collapsing monster. I gotta say he could really run fast, though he probably wouldn't compete with Sonic. After 10 seconds though, he could hear loud stomps near him. Those stomps got him to slither again. He knows a monster is near him, & he doesn't want it to know that he's there. However though, ALL of the other monsters he can see look to have feared this monster too as they were running away. It's like that one monster near him is a truly unstoppable force that will always get its prey, & will never die until it possibly gets into lava.

He found multiple branches on the floor, & avoided them all in order for the monster to not notice him. Then, he got on an entire pit of branches that he can't easily avoid. He looked back at where the monster is(we can't see it though, onlt its barely visible shadow), & made sure it ain't looking towards his side. He bounded, & luckily bypass the branch pit. Unexpectedly, the monster's footsteps got louder, but slower like a turtle. That was when he ran once again in order to outrun the monster. Then the footsteps got faster, & faster, almost going at the speed of a charging rhino. He started to panic, running faster until he slipped on a stack of branches going right into a lake. That lake had toxic cans that have been already opened. The monster came out of the shadows, & it turned out to look like a lion mixed with a spider, & a caterpillar albeit twice as huge as a lion. He tries to get out of the lake, but he can't swim sadly.

"AHHHH!!! DON'T EAT ME, NO NO NOOOO!!!!", Riiya screamed.

Then, he realised everything that just happened was just his imagination. He kept moving forward, realising that there was no lake that he fell to. It's a little wild to see how his hallucination became such a creepy adventure, even though it wasn't for long.

Part 9: Those Other Two

ChaCha was going back home, knowing that she'd be waiting for Yakko-Chan's special present. Meanwhile, Seravy was still asleep. The rock surely did a big stop on him. Being bored, she decided to take her time with a spinning top(let's be honest, we had a time where we loved spinning tops, though who the heck watches Beyblade anymore?). Seravy woke up a full 2 minutes later, confused as heck.

"Jeez, the world was spinning around on my head. Did I die? Is this Heaven?", he said before seeing ChaCha playing with a spinning top. He then added in, "So what has been going on the last couple of hours?". "NONE OF YOUR FREAKING BUSINESS SERAVY!!! You are FAR too occult-ish for such uncut knowledge. I mean, you think to yourself that you're the elite follower of what the royals do to rule over the land, but really you're just making a fool out of yourself. One time you said that tractors were made by "unruly figures from planet Mars", & you also thought all foreigners are evil. Those 2 examples just show your screw loose amount of inanity within you, & if you think you follow the royals well, then either you're lying, or my family is just as evil as king Daimarou was!", ChaCha ranted, & BOY does she know how to stand up against someone like that.

Seravy ceased to do anything for the next 10 seconds, leading him to think twice about who, or in this case, what group he was following. He then realised one thing. ChaCha's family is seriously messed up with ChaCha herself being the ONLY sane one.

"ChaCha... I think I realised something. I might get killed for saying this, but... I think your family is cuckoo crazy.", he whispered to ChaCha's right ear.


"(sobs) I'm very sorry for following their insane orders. I didn't know how pscyho they were at the time. There's even more to their horrid actings that I know of though that's been documented through very hidden notes in the castle. (sigh) let's just hope I don't get executed for saying the sad, but true things.", Seravy said(episodes beforehand were actually building up to this moment, e.g. episode 91 where Seravy stated that ChaCha's father had outlawed frogs on this land, but that didn't stop a few people from doing so, & episode 129 where we see a very well hidden dead corpse behind a picture of ChaCha's mother).

"You see, back when I was about 8 years old was when they started to act strange. Your grandfather was actually part of some cult known as the Lost Souls of Vision-7, & in that cult, they believed that all the Earth's cyanide would be used to make the flowers smell good, that all he Earth's trees are actually atomic bombs that haven't been activated yet, & that we're actually living on a donut.", Seravy explained.

"WHAT!? No way, I don't believe in such stuff like that.", ChaCha said.

"Good because they love to enforce that stuff into your brain like it's 'true'. There are even more stupid theories they spread around like crazy, so many that we would've taken all day just talking about them, but I digress. Your grandfather also poisoned your grandmother just so she won't escape the possibility of having a baby. He had no mercy on her,  & will always try to control her feelings. As soon as your father was born, your grandmother was sent in a dungeon until she escaped through the use of Japamagic.", Seravy explained more.

"Why was my grandfather acting like that?", ChaCha questioned.

"Because he followed the cult's guide on handling women.", Seravy answered.

"What a twisted beast, & cult! He shouldn't have!", ChaCha exclaimed.

"Well, that's just the least bad. It gets worse later on. Your grandfather also ended up poisoning many poor people to death, & your father ended up following those steps. They even scammed people into buying their special, "Health Potion", which ended up killing more than 10,000 people the day they started being sold, but they didn't care because they wanted those dead bodies as parts of a pyramid they would build later on which caused people to run away from their presence as much as possible. They even went as far as forcing some of them into their mouths in a jerky, & sudden way, even putting the bottle itself down their throats. It was a horrible time for those people, but once your mother came into the picture, oh boy did it get even worse.", Seravy explained even more.

"Worse?", ChaCha yelled.

"MUCH worse than what I had just described. First off, when she got together with your father, they started buying off humans from multiple nations to make the poison for them. This time, they decided to make the poison even more deadly than before by adding in atomic waste, & actual animal skin, feces, & blood, all of which the slaves had to pick off themselves, & send it to the 2 masters which were miles away from where the slaves worked. They were never given food, thus they had to escort themselves out to find food. To think we're still not at the worst part of all of this. Sometimes, they would intentionally kill a slave, & then sell it to the black market as food. Not to mention the amount of animals that are now extinct had actually increased dramatically because of all that. Dodo birds, snufflers, even yellow-tailed kangaroos. Even when an animal wasn't going extinct through them, they still ended up having slaves kill about a third of the amount of squirrels in our land. Remember that bird that sent Shiine a message?", Seravy explained for a 3rd time.

"Yeah.", ChaCha answered.

"Well, that bird is from a very rare sub-species of crows known as triumpolines that your mother, & father almost killed off entirely. The only reason why that one is alive is because they use that one to send messages. The crow seems to not like them very much as it looks to have gone away from them for good.", Seravy said(to clarify, in episode 140, the same crow can be seen protecting a bunch of little chicks from a fox. It's a hidden background event, but it's really cool to watch).

"Oh, that crow's probably trying to look for its family without realising what had happened to them. This is really making me feel furious about my family.", ChaCha exclaimed once again.

"Oh, & that's STILL not even the worst part. The worst part is that they actually cut multiple pieces of land, outright causing some places to be seperated by huge gaps of pits. That can even extend to just one person being stuck forever in one tiny spot across crazy huge gaps that not even the highest jumping human can ever go across! Legend has it that King Daimarou is actually the lesser of the 2 evils that existed, while your family is the greater of the 2. Many villagers now-in-days outright hate them for their erattic past as well as their unquestionably stupid decisions of the present day. They even say that you should cut all ties with your family for the greater good of the land, & possibly the entire world.", Seravy said once more.

"The world?", ChaCha asked.

"Yeah. Apparently, your family wants you to go to the next level, & try to poison people from all around the world so they can take over it all like the evil beings they are. Personally though, I think it's best that you don't do that, & just ignore what they have to say because nobody wants them around anymore. You might become our only hope on stopping them from getting total control over the world.", Seravy said.

"Alright, I know what I should do. I should put myself OUT of the family picture. I shall let them know front-back-and-center that I ain't going to be their "magical princess", nah nah nah. I'm outright cutting all ties with them, & letting them get a taste of their own poison. It's going to be a wild time when I do that, & afterwards, Yakko-Chan, & I will grow up to become the queens of the land, & then will peace come to our land!", ChaCha exclaimed.

"Now that's an idea alright! You surely know the better of the world than I do!", said Seravy.

"I know. I have my knowledge well kept inside me. Well, I gotta go. Cheers!", ChaCha said.

"Cheers!", Seravy waved back.

ChaCha went to a lake to see how beautiful it was. Then, suddenly a bunch of bright sparkles showed up, changing shape every now-and-then. To her, it looked incredible, like a tech demo of sorts. It soon became one big spark, & Marin jumped out, causing the spark to go away.

"Oh, sorry if I ended up getting you wet. I'm also sorry for all of the terrible things I did earlier, so I wanted to do something with you. Follow me!", Marin said.

"Ok then?", ChaCha said, being suspicious.

She followed Marin for 30 seconds until they stopped at the beach.

"What are we doi-", ChaCha tried to ask a question, but Marin vanished off.

Just then, she came back with a log-boat just for ChaCha.

"You want to give me a ride through the vast ocean?", ChaCha questioned.

"Why yes!", She eagered.

Marin paddled the log-boat along the ocean while ChaCha was amazed by how beautiful the place looked. It was like she was seeing a light show! The water was so sparkly, & clean, there were dolphins leaping out in the distance, seagulls were flying real high, & proud, it was just so incredibly beautiful to look at, & relax. They finally stopped at the island. This island had a bunch of berries, trees, etc. It wasn't filled with much living things though. Mostly just seagulls. There was also a big lake in the middle. ChaCha wanted to feel it, & to her, it was like she touched the sky.

"Isn't this so wonderful? It feels so lively around here, so fresh, so beautiful, & rich?", Marin gleefully asked.

"It sure does. It gives me the feeling of what the world truly can be. It can be as wonderful, & wholesome as this. Everything about it makes me feel all so joyous. I really enjoy this place. Thank you for bringing me here. It was a fun ti-", ChaCha responded.

"There you are!", Yakko-Chan said in the distance.

"Oh, Yakko-Chan, it was fun here!", ChaCha said.

"I'm so glad you're okay you snuggly bubbly wanderer. Oh you're so cute that you could fit well in this place!", Yakko-Chan responded.

"Marin-Chan brought me here. She knows such beautiful places around the ocean, don't you?", ChaCha said.

"Oh yes I do, ChaCha. You're cute yourself.", said Marin.

"C'mon ChaCha, let's go. I have something to show you.", Yakko-Chan suggested.

"Okie dokie!", ChaCha answered.

They both waved goodbye at Marin, who waved back in return.

"Oh, that was nice. Looks like ChaCha ain't so bad after all.", Marin said before going to sleep, & the screen fades to black.

Part 10: Path To Nowhere

Popy was still marching through the forest. By this time, the sky had gotten a little red. Not really blood red, just orange-red, you know what I'm saying? He was all alone still, looking for Riiya as always. This time, he was shouting out his name since he thought maybe that could get his attention. He tried that for 40 seconds, but gave up on that. The search continued though. He would usually pass through the regular forest stuff of course, but would then have to jump through a couple of logs, mud, & fallen trees along the way. He then reached a gap. The gap was pretty huge, so there would be NO way he would just leap through it. He thought of getting one of the fallen trees, but the problem was that he only knew telekineses. No matter what he could do, he could never seem to magically tip up one of them. So, he decided to not be lazy on the magic, & actually use his hands. Then he realised he wasn't strong enough to hold one, so he quickly dropped it. Looks like he was more, or less just stuck there. The only thing he had left to do was check the area around the gap. He went to the left side, & found nothing. Going on the right side didn't lead to much at first, but then he found a pile of rocks. He thought that maybe this was feasable, but he also thought to himself... What if the rocks started to fall down, & lead to his independing doom? He looked around to see if anything was protecting the rocks from falling, & noticed a small piece of wood.

"I don't think that wood would survive for long, so I have to be quick, & hard on this leap of faith.", Popy said to himself as he gave himself a boost to get onto the rocks, & quickly get to the other side.

Once he did, all the rocks collapsed before his very eyes. He knew they would, besides how would something like one piece of wood protect a pile of rocks from collapsing? It didn't really lead him to Riiya, but maybe he was getting closer, & he just had to find out for himself. Some of the trees in this new area looked a little twisted like they're in the wrong angle of sorts. Others looked fine, though one of them had all of its leaves on the ground. The bushes were all okay though. It then faded to what looked to be half an hour later, & Popy was getting tired of walking.

"Still no Riiya in sight. Oh boy, is this really happening now? Am I lost, never to see Riiya ever again? N-no, no this can't be the end of it, I got to keep on going!", He tried to get himself together, & keep on going he did, but a minute later... "(sigh), This may all be a waste of time. I really did put my life at risk for nothing, absolutely nothing, not a single... whatever kind of thing there is that I would want! I feel like I've been greatly exploited! I'll just sleep on this rock. There doesn't seem to be any form of hope around here. I have lost all of it. Now, I feel dead inside. I'm sorry Riiya for betraying you, but...", He went to sleep silently.

Part 11: A Date With Yakko-Chan!

"Oh, what is this going to be?", ChaCha asked Yakko-Chan.

"It's a date.", Yakko-Chan answered.

"We're going on a date? Wonderful!", ChaCha responded.

"I'll be right back. Gotta get all I have for this wonderful moment.", Yakko-Chan said.

ChaCha waited for a couple of minutes until she came back with a cup of orange juice with 2 straws, 2 plates, & blueberry muffins(yummy!). They sipped the orange juice together peacefully. I believe someone in the recording booth must've been sipping some water with a straw, & made a reverb effect to make it so it sounds like 2 sips of orange juice. Is that how it works, or...? Anyways, once done, the 12 blueberry muffins, 6 for each person. You know freakin' what, the 2nd time I watched this, I prepared myself some blueberry muffins because why the heck not. Oh yeah, they were delicious I tell ya'. That soft, fluffy feel that you get when you take a bite is all so satisfying like fluffing a duck(I know Kevin Macleod made a tune called that). The look alone just doodles into you, & can easily drag you in(though you need to wait for it to be truly juicy good, amirite?). Not to mention the taste. Mhmmmmm... it's like a mini Little Ceasar's deep dish pizza with extra crisp, but also with a slint of pepper to make it all so much more fluffy feeling, & it works quite well wouldn't you believe it. Oh, sorry about that. Anyways...

"Mhm, mhm, mhm, mhmmmm, these taste so good Yakko-Chan!", ChaCha said.

"Oh, thank you. I knew you'd like them. I learned about those a couple of months ago. They're other kinds of muffins out there, but blueberry ones are my absolute favorite.", Yakko-Chan replied.

"Catch the wave!", She then called out, throwing a frisbee.

As you would expect, they played frisbee for a little bit until it hit ChaCha's head.

"(gasp), ChaCha, are you alright?", Yakko-Chan worringly asked.

"I'm alright, it didn't injure me real hard.", ChaCha hugged her dearly, blushing along.

Their lips began networking each other as they rolled around the hill, merging their hands as well. Oh was this a satisfying moment let me tell ya'.

"Thank you for everything that you did Yakko-Chan. I guess you can say we are a truly loving couple.", ChaCha spoke out.

"You know what ChaCha? If we manage to find each other later on in our lives, will you marry me?", Yakko-Chan asked.

"Of course I will, my true love. Nothing can mentally, & emotionally seperate us apart. I'll always be within your heart.", ChaCha responded.

They both giggled, & hummed together as the scene fades to black after 10 seconds.

Part 12: Shiine's Special Apology

"Oh this place is becoming scary. It's getting darker, & darker with all the jumbo trees covering the sunlight from hitting here. Now all I can see is darkness, like I'm in a truly evil place that I shouldn't be in. I just hope I find Riiya soon. He's counting on me. He knows that I'm the one to apologize. The sooner I find him, the better.", Shiine said to himself. He was walking through the forest, afraid of the things that go inside the dark, like what if there was a giant blob trying to attack him? What if some of the bushes had people hiding in it about to hunt him down? What if every single tree started to fall at the same time, all falling on him? Oh, those scary thoughts overshadowed his walking, & ended up tripping on a branch. He then went back to walking as per usual because what else is there to do?

"It's mute. Perhaps mute for a horrifying reason. A reason that can get me killed. Pfff-stop with this madness me, I have the strength to go through all of those dangers! They'll be easy to go through!", He tried to calm himself down.

Then, he sees a little bit of green. What was this green coming from? He went further forward to see for himself for 20 seconds, & what he saw was truly terrifying. Riiya had a gun near his head, his eyes completely closed, lying on a tree with sharp branches near his head as well.

"(sigh) There's no choice around here. There's nothing else I can do. Nobody wants me anymore. I'm always a nothing, never a something. It's about time I do this.", Riiya said, completely sunk of any hope.

"(gasp) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Not you!", Shiine yelled, running towards Riiya in order to stop him from commiting suicide.

Shiine threw the gun away, & started to actually go in tears. "You shouldn't be dead. Please don't die. I don't want you to die Riiya.", Said Shiine.

"Shiine-Chan? You... prevented my suicide? But... why?", Riiya asked him.

"Because, well... (cries) I'm so sorry for all I did before Riiya! I didn't know how awful I was when I did those things to you. I was being such an ignorant, rugged, & overall unpleasant human to you! Then, I had a terrible dream about how I would die, & made me realize it all. The realization of my horrible actions that can be considered true offences to the human race as we know it!", Shiine yammered.

"There, there Shiine-Chan, everything's going to be alri-", Riiya was about to say something, but he started to whimper as well.

"I'm so sorry too! I had some selfish moments too! Back when we would fight each other, it would be over ChaCha. Now though... I can't help, but think that maybe you had some happiness in your heart! (sobs)", Riiya yowled.

After they stopped whimpering, Shiine gave Riiya his desired gift. His special drawing, & a message on the back that read the following:

"Dear Riiya, I am very sorry for what I did throughout our adventures. I regret them all now, & they give me feelings of fear that I will never be accepted by anyone ever again. I never knew that you were a special kind of person. I never knew that you had actual feelings at all. It was me being dumbfounded as always. Anyways, I thought this wonderful picture could cheer you up from all the sobbing thoughts, & feelings you are having. As for Popy, I think you deserve him. You seem to get along with him very well, & maybe, just maybe, we could finally be friends for real. Now, go on, & find Popy! HE NEEDS YOU!!!".

"Thank you Shiine-Chan... thank you!!!", Riiya enfolded Shiine in a warm feeling of coziness.

"I'll go like you said. Popy truly does need me. He might have lost all hope by now, but I think I'll give him the fuzziness he needs to bring him back in shape. You coming?", Riiya asked, in which Shiine stood in shock for 5 seconds.

"I thought you'd never ask that question.", Shiine responded. "Here, I'll carry you along the way.", Riiya told him. Shiine hopped onto Riiya's back, & they began to go to where Popy was.

Part 13: Best Friends Forever!

Popy was fast asleep, being a void of no-wins that'll be carved inside his brain. He would sometimes change positions for better comfort, but never really felt comfort for long. Then, he ended up having a nightmare where he died alone in a desert. The desert was hotter than any other, even having lava spouting out everywhere. There was no way to escape, & he ended up going through a slow, & painful death filled with misery, & dejection before his very eyes.

Just then, he heard someone yelling out his name. Someone must've been looking for him, but it might've been a murderer, so he hid behind the trees. He ended up resting again on one of them, & he found it more comforting. Then, Riiya found him behind the trees, & quickly picked him up. He ended up getting sleepy too, so Shiine flew them back home.

"Hey, the kitty house is still outside. I think I know where to settle down.", Shiine said as he went in to tuck in the other 2, & get comfy himself on the right side.

Then it zooms out, & fades to outside. It then fades into morning time, in which Shiine woke Riiya, & Popy up.

"Huh, what?", Popy was confused as to what was even happening.

He then sees Riiya, & Shiine already out of bed. Popy goes to hug Riiya, & he hugs back as usual.

"I thought I'd never see you again. I was hopeless there!", Popy joyfully spoke.

"Well I'm back, & Shiine helped me get back to my feet again, right?", Riiya responded.

"Yes I did. It's so great to see you back with us. I actually started to feel happy when you smiled. I realized helping you out would bring me true happiness, but it did.", Shiine hugged Riiya as well.

"Oh, & about you Popy. I'm so sorry for everything bad I did to you. I didn't know how much Riiya really meant to you. Was he your only friend?", Shiine asked.

"Why yes, he really was my only friend. He was the only one here who actually cared about who I was, & the nicest person I've ever met in my life. That's why I hanged out with him so much!", Popy explained.

"Oh man, that was sad. I wish I wasn't as much of a jerk as I was beforehand. I was dumb back then, only caring for ChaCha really. Will you forgive me?", Shiine asked.

"Yes, I will.", Popy said, giving him a pat on the head before looking back at Riiya.

"As for you Riiya, I got something to tell you.", He added.

"What's the thing?", Riiya asked.

"The thing is... I am very thankful for what you did to support me. You are truly amazing. You were the only one willing to spend time with me most of the time. Other people would only interact with me in certain situations like that play we did.", Popy said.

"Oh yeah, the play! I was Rapunzel, right?", Riiya responded.

"Yeah, exactly! Anyways, you were also very resourceful about the world outside of this land, & respected foreigners than any other person in this place. I remember that not even ChaCha had a kind heart towards foreigners when she found out where I truly came from, so you were a definite welcome here. Oh, & when we got to where I was born, you had found my father! He was almost dead at that point, so it ended up being the last time I'll get to meet him.", Popy said.

"Again, the loss of parents is a kind of emotional pain that would usually not stop.", Riiya explained.

"I know, & it was the kind of pain I didn't want. It made me thankful that you were there because you were probably the only resemblance of a guardian. Oh, & you were brave too. I remember that time you set out for a wonderous gold medal of honor for my birthday, & you said it was real tough! You had to go over 100 miles, & fight a horde of monsterous, & mysterious creatures in the cold in order to get it. You were truly willing to take huge risks, & it was worth such a beautiful medal after all, but those don't compare to your most fascinating, most powerful, truly spectacular moment. You saved my life. I can remember every detail so well. Your hands were absolutely struggling to hold on, & your feet were always shaking around, but you didn't give up. You knew that I can be your friend, & thus you went to a lower part of the rope, & forcefully grabbed it up in a flash. Soon, you prepelled another low part, & another, & another until I was finally back on the ground. You right there fought a hard battle for truthfulness, justice, & courage. It made me want to stay here for longer than I was planning to. I wouldn't even be alive anyways if not for you. Overall, you are a true companion that I will never turn away from. I know that you've struggled a lot of times, but that's like me. You were an outcast, like me. Your parents passed away, like me. You were bullied, like me. You were even misunderstood, like me. All of those show that you, & I can be considered equals amongst the world. If there's one last thing to say... it's that...", Popy imposed his final part of his speech.

"Uhmmm... what?", Riiya was confused.

"I LOVE YOU!!!", Popy jumped onto Riiya, hugging him in the process.

They stared real closely to each other with smiles on their face, & a kiss ensues. Shiine couldn't help, but feel that he had done what the world truly needed. This was like the final chapter to him. He was so joyful, & blushing at such an event that he just had to kiss Riiya, & Popy in the cheeks. Afterwards, they all hugged, & kissed each other before heading out to see their other friends.

ChaCha, & Yakko-Chan were looking at sky. ChaCha pointed at a cloud that looked similar to a wheel, & she started making car noises.

"Hehehe, oh silly.", Yakko-Chan responded. Suddenly, a giant cloud appeared in front of all of them. What the heck was this big cloud doing there covering the sun? They thought it was about to rain, & ran inside. 16 seconds later, & it was revealed that Marie was testing her new cloud spawning moves(If I remember correctly, episode 89 involved her finally spawning clouds after multiple failed attempts). Marin then appeared, & put out a spell on the cloud that caused it to rain little droplets for 10 seconds.

"Well, I just had to.", Marin said.

They all started to laugh as the screen fades to a montage of different scenes that only appear for 10 seconds(except for the last one). The 1st one had ChaCha, Yakko-Chan, & Marin having tea together. The 2nd one had Orin(who didn't appear for most of the movie) swordfighting several training dummies, & a giant boulder. The 3rd one was Seravy looking into the sunset staring deadly at the royal castle awaiting revenge before Dorothy came to have him get over it. The 4th one involved ChaCha telling stories to Yakko-Chan, & Marin about some fairy of sorts. The 5th, & final one started off with Riiya, Popy, & Shiine sleeping together in the kitty house. The camera closes up to Riiya in which he wakes up for a bit, gives us a thumbs up, & falls back to sleep. Afterwards, the scene fades to black, & the credits roll in.

The last scene happens after the credits in which it starts off with 2 men in wedding clothing walking along the ever-so-famous red carpet while going through different angles albeit without showing the faces, nor hair. 20 seconds later, the 2 men finally get to the stand, & they're revealed to be Riiya, & Popy, now grown up(presumably in their mid-20s at this point). Popy puts the ring on Riiya in which they kiss. That was when the crowd cheered on. Then, a camera flash happens, & the picture of the event is then hammered onto the wall in which we can also see pictures they took of ChaCha, & Yakko-Chan's wedding. We see the 2 again who hug each other one more time before the movie finally ending. My heart felt so warm, & fuzzy inside when I saw that for the 1st time. It was a truly magical event that I can cherish on about, but let's go to the conclusion.

Part 14: Conclusion

Wow, that was a splendid movie do I say so myself. Quite the special for the ages. I never thought that they would set the bar high for such a made-for-TV special, but they did it anyway, & they truly showed that such effort can be achieved if you really put your time into it, & think it all the way through. This movie essentially marked the end of the series as a whole with nothing else after coming out, only reruns went around for TeleBlazer. While we may never see ChaCha overcome her evil family, it was a satisfying enough ending as it was.

The special would premiere on Valentine's Day in 1999, thus marking the only Akazukin ChaCha presentation released that year. It's been garnered by fans as one of the greatest animated TV specials of the 90s, & a great way of ending off a legendary series. Sarah Sultanna admitted that she was impressed by how well it ended up being in comparison to the other one, citing their knowledge over the material as the reasoning. This special also spawned several fanmade couples out there that continue to be used by fans as of way of expressing their love for the show(which is fanfiction in general)(Rascabaraman anyone?).

For anyone curious, there is a complete series DVD set out there, but beware of that outside of certain US states, it's highly rare. Anyways, that's all I have to say about this. Thank you for reading this longpasta, & I see you next time. Bye!

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