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I was watching TV on a Monday. Just before I could turn it off, a female text-to-speech voice said, "A unaired episode of Pingu is coming on!" I was happy about this.


The episode begins with the normal intro. The name of the episode was Pinga's a Bitch! I was shocked, as I knew that Pingu is for kids, and does not has swears. The first few seconds was Pingu reading what appears to be a Playboy magazine. It was shocking, I tell you. Pingu walks up to a TV, and turns it on. It was showing some porno of sort. What was even more shocking was that the porno was showed ON-SCENE. Pinga crawls into the scene, into a laptop, and tells Pingu to go to a shock site called Pingu looks it up, hoping for some dogs, and throws up after going though some pictures. (The pictures was penguins versions of them.) This wasn't fine at all. Pinga told Pingu to search up blue waffles on Google Images. He did, and threw up again. Pinga was laughing, when she got slapped by her brother. Pingu said, in oddly clear english, "YOU A BITCH PINGA". This didn't stop Pinga from tricking him. She told Pingu to watch a video called 2 Girls 1 Cup. He did, and was covering both of his eyes with his hands. Pinga got into a website called Encyclopedia Dramatica, and got into a page called Offended, and told Pingu to scroll down slowly if he was offended. He did, and by the end of the page, gives a s***-eating look at Pinga. She told Pingu to go to fort**** He did, and was sort-of crying. Pingu yelled "FUCK YOU SIS, GO TO FUCKING HELL". He threw Pinga off a window, and pissed all over her mouth. Pinga felt it, and screams. In fear, she runs away, crying, and hides inside a rotten log. The episode ended with the credits, but Despacito was playing instead of the normal music. I never watched Pingu again.

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