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DISCLAIMER: You probably won't understand some parts of this pasta if you don't read Genshin Impact Premium Beta (Journal) first.

And I thought everything had finally finished.

2 years later, the journal of the girl still taunts me. I'm sad and scared most of the time, I would hear Paimon saying "You are next", I would see shadows of Paimon, etc. The only way I would get entretained was Genshin and Discord.

Anyways, did I mention that the abandoned house had been brought by a family? They have kids that are obessed with the game too. One time per a week, the kids would send me Genshin-related things. They sent me Klee and Qiqi dolls, an Amber plushie, a poster with Aether and Lumine on it, and other things I won't mention here, because otherwise would make this very long.

Until one Sunday afternoon. Normally, while I wait the kids gifts, I would play Genshin Impact. After all, my favorite characters would be Lumine, Klee, Barbara and Venti. I heard a knock, I opened and it was a package from the kids. I opened it and had a DVD saying "Genshin". Yes, only Genshin. I shut down my PC, I turned on my PS4 and I inserted the disc. There was a title screen with 5 videos: Klee vs Qiqi, How to Heal, The Prologue but Better, Venti and the Dragon and The City of Freedom. I chose Klee vs Qiqi. It started with Klee running to a common chest. Then Qiqi appeared out of nowhere, causing Klee to fall to the floor.

Qiqi: -laughing- Uh, uh, uh. This is my site.

Klee: Maybe -sob- if you didn't appear out of -sob- nowhere, -sob- motherfucker!

This wasn't the first time Klee would say a swear word. I was still shocked by Klee saying that.

Qiqi: Oh, want fight? -Qiqi kicks Klee in the stomach and punches her in the heart-

Klee: -crying- HEEEEEEEEELP!!!

Qiqi: Too bad no one is hearing you! -Qiqi pulls a knife out of nowhere and stabs it on Klee's heart, killing her-

-Paimon and Lumine show up- WHAT THE-

Qiqi: Remember, folks: Don't mess up with me, because if you do, I WILL KILL YOU ALL! -runs from Paimon and Lumine, who are chasing her-

The video was over, but then, How to Heal played automatically. I couldn't eject, turn off my PS4 or unplugging, turning off my TV, closing the program, etc.

Lumine: Barbara! Klee is dead, can you revive her?

Barbara: Sure thing!

-Barbara tries to revive Klee-

Paimon: Oh no...

-Barbara turns into a demon and instead, cuts Klee's arms and legs, showing blood-

Lumine: Barbara, what are you doing?

Demon: I'm not Barbara. NOW DIE!

-The doors lock by themselves in the room-

Lumine and Paimon: NOOOOOOOOOO-

That scene made me vomit. It was showing the organs, the blood, basically everything.

The next one was The Prologue but Better, but it wasn't that good. It was an arabic shitpost video, but instead of Lumine and Aether escaping, these were the "Sanic" meme and Protegent. The twin were the true villains here. Then Protegent, sang his rap and there was so many screams that it almost blowed up my TV speakers. But the rap wasn't enough and they were thrown to a black hole.

Protegent: I am proto, your security is my motto!

Lumine: Send them to the black hole!

Protegent: ...the viruses, would enter your- AAAAAHHHHHHHH -dissapears-

Lumine and Aether: -maniac laugh-

The 4th one was Venti and the dragon, but he performed a demonic music, which he said it was "holy music".

Venti: Alright, time for the holy music!

-demonic music-

Demon: Why have you summoned me?

Venti: I wanted to summon a dragon!

Paimon and Lumine: -shaking their heads saying yes-

Demon: Well, you summoned the wrong demon here. And you'll pay with your life.

Venti: -dies-

Paimon: VENTI!

Lumine: Let's get out of there!

While Lumine and Paimon got to escape, the others died while they attempted to escape. But, something weird was: how there was Paimon and Lumine present in the 3rd and 4th videos, yet they died at the 2nd one?

The last clip was The City of Freedom. It started normal.

Amber: And welcome to Mondstadt, the city of freedom.

Paimon: Wooow.

Unknown dude: Even murder here is legal!

Amber: Oh come, not tru-

-The unknown dude stabs another knife into Amber's body, causing her to die-

Unknown dude: You are finally dead, useless chatacter. Lumine and Paimon are already dead too. Who is missing?

When the screen faded to black, I was aliviated because I thought it had finished already. But I was wrong. Just when I was going to shut down the PS4, text in the screen appeared:

"This is not over yet."

"You are missing on his death notes."

Then, it showed Qiqi, sad about killing Klee. "What have I done?", says Qiqi in a depressing voice.

The screen was turning red.

Then, another demon voice says: The suicide is the only way out."

Qiqi, accepts killing herself, to pay for Klee's death. Her last words before hanging up were "If I would have the opportunity to change anything in this world, it would be equality". Then it showed Qiqi corpse hanging.

The last words Qiqi said made me cry. It was depressing to hear a kid say this on a sad tone. Then it cut to the Lumine and Paimon funeral, where everyone was crying. Before Lumine was put in her grave, Aether came in, gave her a kiss on the head and left.

My PS4 crashed and I ejected the disc. It was so hot, and had some words written in: "Suicide is the only way out".

This DVD shocked me a lot, that I decided to contact the police and miHoYo about this. After a week of waiting, I got a response from the miHoYo CEO:


Thank you for telling us about the journal and the Genshin disc.

Here at miHoYo, we want to make a joyful experience without any dark or disturbing content. We can confirm that we didn't made this.

Now, this is my theory: Someone pulled a joke on the journal owner, gave her a hacked and pirated copy of Genshin Impact, made an Amber costume to kill her, and attempted to imitate me.

Again, thank you about this, we already contacted the police and they are investigating the case. We would like you to play our games again, as long as you don't download them from 3rd party websites, I don't want you to be terrified again by another hack.

- Cai Haoyu

miHoYo CEO"

Later, I got a letter from the police, telling me what the subject had been found. Now he is on prison by 10 years. They also mentioned that he also made the Genshin disc.

Then, I turned on the TV to watch news, but the first one was "a 7 year old girl was murdered by another 8 year old girl". Klee was 7 years old, and Qiqi, 8. It had anything to do!

The next one was "a 7 year old girl with a costume, attempted to crash a plane in China, but she died in the process and the plane landed safely". The girl in the costume was looking like Paimon. I got scared and I turned off the TV.

From now on, I hear not only the "You are next" from Paimon, but "Suicide is the only way out" of the voice too. I even had to get help from a therapist by this.

Remember, folks: If you find a disc called "Genshin", DON'T BRING IT WITH YOU! You don't want to know what is hidden....