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"Hey, it’s me, the author of this story. I wanted to give a bit of a disclaimer to anyone reading this, This story, I wrote tackles about some tough subjects. Nothing THAT bad. TRUST ME, I know my limits and I won't be talking about things that would make you uncomfortable. But this story Is not for people under the age of 12. I'm not saying it’s NSFW but it is a bit surreal, to say the least, and It might be...well not frightening but It may give you a feeling of sadness and anger. It took me a lot to make this story. And all I have to say to you the reader is this. It is good in this vile world, many of it, as a matter of fact! But don't go in thinking, you have it all figured out because you don't. Every day, you learn something new, whether it is good or not. So think of that as you read this. Also if I were you, I would get a snack, after all, this is about 1 to 2 hours long. Got that? Good, now sit back, dim the lights, and get ready to read A Loud House Creepypasta, which I call “Face Reality”.

(P.S. If there is anyone who wants to narrate or review this, please read the warning, people are going to need it.)

Chapter 1: The Dream

The clouds in the sky had started to grow darker and darker as the days went on. The town of Royal Woods had been experiencing quite a bit of dreadful weather throughout the week due to a hurricane near the coast. It caused the sky to turn dark and gloomy and for it to rain all day long. This made many people in the neighborhood stay in their homes and wait until the sky returned to the normal state. Each of the streets remained empty as well as the nearby houses... Well, everyone except for the Loud Family Resident. You see the Louds were exactly what you think they would be, A large family that always had something going on, whether it be fights in the hallways, explosions from the family’s prodigy, who would always do experiments in her room, or pranks from the joke queen, Luan. Yes, the Louds were everything but quiet, but I'm sure you already guessed that, huh? But the extensively surprising fact though was the fact that there were ten girls and one boy who had strange white natural hair. His name was Lincoln, life for Lincoln was very simple, you wake up, you do the few things you’re told, and then go off to do a hobby. That was how it was, that’s how it is.

He knew he was destined for mediocrity, and there wasn’t a single thing he or what his friend told him. The odds were simply stacked too high against him when being the middle child of this particular family. His sisters grew aware of his jaded nature long ago, but he wouldn’t dare tell them anything, for no matter how much they would try, one couldn’t help him, no one could breach his wall. Consequently, this attitude bled through into his social life, whereas he hasn’t made any effort to keep friends he didn’t have to keep. However, he’s only just now found a saving grace was within the privacy of his room. A place housing something he had to keep away from any unscrupulous, deceitful eyes. Or at the very least try to keep his secrets safe. Unluckily for him though, his sisters were quite nosey from time to time, which cause a few of his secrets to spill. Sure, he was able to keep them away from him and his well-guarded mindset, but in a house with ten girls who tend to be quite a nuisance, privacy is barely a choice. Especially if his sisters have no remorse or second thought to come barging in his room in full speed. especially with people like Lynn Jr.

Lincoln did have a trick up his sleeve that he like to use on a regular day basis that would keep his sisters and even his parents from seeing him let out his toxic mindset and that was the attic. You see, no one ever went up there anymore, especially since something leaked through the roof. Sure, it was patched, but there was also the freezing temperature that even Lucy didn't enjoy it. So, almost every week, Lincoln would get a coat and secretly go to the attic, but not by the ladder due to being too noisy, and if his sisters saw him going up there they would be suspicious since nobody dared to go up there unless they needed to clean. So instead, Lincoln would use the air ducts when Lucy wasn't in her room. After Lincoln would climb out of the vents he would then put a tarp over the cover and on top of that, a few boxes. After all, Lucy did crawl through almost every space in the ducts so if she saw him up there, he would come to the same fate if his other sisters see him.

Lincoln used to cut himself in the attic with a knife that kept in his closet. It was a way to "punish" himself for his deeds. He always thought that he was the one that made everything worse, for his family and just anyone in general. Lincoln thought that everyone would be so much better and so much happier if he was just gone, But he didn't want to end his life right there, sure he thought he was just a burden on everyone but if he decided to end it all right now, his whole family would go into a state of depression that could lead to a lot worse. No, what Lincoln wanted was to turn back to the clock and just prevent himself from being born. That way his family would have no one to miss. sure they would be sad But they'd get over it eventually. After all, They would've never met him or get to know him or even love him. That would be a much better fate. In Lincoln’s darkened opinion, Lincoln never stopped using that knife though, He became addicted, and cutting his arm slightly, then he would return downstairs and eat dinner, nobody suspecting anything.

The cycle of Lincoln's self-harming routine didn't stop unless he was somewhere else or with his friends. The worst part was that nobody was suspicious about where Lincoln was during the day. None of his sisters were concerned at all, they were all busy with their hobbies, unless they saw or heard something about Lincoln's self-harming habit, they would just continue to be oblivious as the day went on. For the past few months, this continued. Until the day of the storm. Lincoln's parents went out to get food due to Leni's stress eating. That day, Lincoln was doing what he normally did, going into the attic. However, just as Lincoln was about to enter through the vent that led to the attic, Lucy entered the vents and heard Lincoln's sighs. Lucy was confused since the only times he would dare enter the vents was if he needed privacy.

Lucy crawled forward only to see Lincoln going into the attic and putting a tarp over the vent cover along with some boxes. Lucy attempted to see but the tarp was too thick and it blocked anything for Lucy to see why her brother was up in the attic during a storm. Lucy searched for another way to see inside the attic, after some searching, she was able to find a crack through the vent and the wall that was just enough for her to look inside and what Lucy saw was mortifying. There laid her brother with a kitchen knife cutting at his left arm. Blood started to pour out of the wound Lincoln made with the bloodied knife In his right hand. Lincoln then talked about how much of a failure he was and how he just wanted his torture to end. Lincoln stared at a mirror that was on the opposite side.

Lincoln stared at his reflection and started to cry a bit. Lincoln started to cut himself many times, making his whole arm full of blood. Lucy just stood there, frozen with fear from this traumatizing experience. Lucy finally snapped out of her trance and called out to Lincoln. Lincoln noticed Lucy's call and looked through where she was watching Lincoln. Lincoln just stood there with a lifeless expression plastered on his face. Lucy attempted to talk to him but Lincoln just sat there. Lucy realized that she wouldn't be able to communicate with him, Lucy crawled to the vent's cover and pushed it hardly. As the cover started to open, a sound was heard from the other side. the attic door opened and the ladder falls to the ground. Lucy pushed the vent cover fully. Lucy ran into the attic and down the ladder to see Lincoln closing his door. Lucy ran to the door and pounded on the door. Lucy begged for Lincoln to come out. It was dead silence.

The sound of Lucy's desperate cries alerted the others. They questioned why she was screaming, Lucy was just trembling with fear, with no answer. The others decided to just go back to what they were previously doing, leaving her just sitting there, looking at Lincoln’s door, sobbing. Lucy opened her dreary eyes to a empty white-padded room. Lacerations lined with dry crimson blood smothered nearly every inch of this, padded cell. Judging by the color of the coagulated blood, it seemed as though this vicious attack took place just before Lori herself arrived...

Stumbling to her quivering feet, darting her desperate eyes in an ultimately fruitless effort of finding a sort of exit, or any opening at all. Eventually, however, Lucy’s eye caught what appeared to be bars of some kind of grating. Slithering over, she managed to tear away the grating she tossed it away, peering down at her feet and into the murky abyss below. It seemed big enough to fit, but it was a tight and dusty squeeze as she crawled her way in head-first. It seemed like eons till Lucy would find any sort of exit, only for the vent to collapse right underneath her feet, and crashing down into another cell. It was much smaller than the last room she escaped from. So small in fact that she had to keep crouched just to keep from bumping her head.

Although there was a saving grace to be found. As this room did have a door, and better yet… it was unlocked! With stars in her eyes, she hurried her way out and into a long, dreary hallway dousing whatever hope Lori may have had prior. The hallway itself was lit by dull white and yellow color that lined the walls in a sporadic pattern, without order. She followed what seemed like an endless corridor of cell doors until eventually, she reached what appeared to be a lobby with an elevator in the center of all the benches and potted plants that by then had wilted and turned a dark yellowish-green. Lucy examined the Elevator that stood before her, hoping that it could help her reach an exit to this hospital. Unfortunately for her, the lights above the heavy metal doors were off, which meant the power was off.

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