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• 1/23/2019


No more bullshit categories. Fucking 5-year-olds...

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• 1/15/2019

what do you think about my creepypasta

ranting is okay!

The Live Stream I Will Never Forget
The Live Stream I Will Never Forget Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki
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• 1/12/2019
Littlest Pet Shop Animated Short E04 - "Eau de Pepper" (Alternate Ending)
Littlest Pet Shop Animated Short E04 - "Eau de Pepper" (Alternate Ending) Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki
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• 1/10/2019

⅄on Sɥonlpu,ʇ Hɐʌǝ pouǝ ┴ɥɐʇ

ɹǝɐpᴉuƃ ┴ɥᴉs Is ∀ ┴ǝɹɹᴉqlǝ Sᴉu¡

I Mᴉll Ɔoɯǝ Ⅎoɹ ⅄on

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• 1/6/2019


I am pleased to announce that I will be writing a new lost episode pasta for Q1 2019! Here's a hint: I'm basing it on the 2012 reinvention of Littlest Pet Shop.

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• 1/4/2019

Please don't ruin/destory this pasta

I wanted to make a Happypasta on here, because I noticed about the other types of creepypastas that are on here, and I wanted others to see it as well. So, I invite you to read:

Donkey Kong.exe スソ衛
Donkey Kong.exe スソ衛 Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki
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• 12/24/2018

Hello Fellow Creepypastas…..

Im sort of new to this place however, but its nice chatting cya!!

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• 12/18/2018


I have been getting some errors when reading creepypastas that say "Page has Crashed. Possible Reasons" Page Sucks". Is someone vandalizing the website?

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• 12/13/2018
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• 12/9/2018

What do you think of this creepypasta?

Needs Work
Needs Work SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki
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• 12/3/2018

People vandalizing pages with inappropriate imagery.

I've recently posted a pasta and already it got edited by someone called "HannahJJomelle ", fortunately I managed to repair my page but he's been also vandalizing other pages. We must stop this person. Also, there's someone called  "S**tSniffer8898" (Censored him) whom edited my account page with an insult and another dirty image. God, why the hell can people even do that?

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• 11/27/2018

Hey I made a thingy sqee-ping of a creepypasta

Kuddos by me, I dunno if anyone wants to read it


The THX Test
The THX Test Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki
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• 11/25/2018

Bring Back Blindoeser!

Blindoeser was my first pasta ever. Sadly, it has been deleted by StockBad. Can someone please bring it back?

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• 11/23/2018


Can somebody please bring my creepypastas back?

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• 11/22/2018


Can someone please bring the Loud House creepypastas back on?

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• 11/21/2018

Creepypastas and stockbad. And A big Personal Problem.

Thanks to Me having the nuts to do so I got myself desensitize to creepy pasta. Usually whenever I read it. I just quickly scan the page and get desensitize. I had pulled up a creepy kids cartoon vid on incognito on YouTube at low volume, Pulled up a creepy-pasta, and Wikipedia of candle cove. I started the mission to get myself desensitize. I did and finally realized that some creepy-pastas are not real (Some nowadays are BASED off of real stuff while some were real) Cry Baby Lane was a real creepy-pasta cause it got banned for disturbing content. (How disturbing? Satanic or Gory?) But the only real technically real was the mickey mouse since it was based off of mickey mouse goes to h***. But don't let creepy-pasta mess your life up! Creepy-pasta is dark and disturbing fiction that HOOKS you in and makes you scared. If it's bad and trash you're either not scared. If it's good and written with pictures you may be scared or like it. I Haven't been reading alot (I am desensitize but I just did so I can stop being scared) But I still like em tho. But if you ever do get scared come to me. Like it's all just good fiction and your imagination. If your not scared you're either desensitize, Bad pasta or your imagination not big. And realize the facts of some these creepypastas. Like If a lost episode about a cartoon character suicide existed it be banned and never known, People Might get sued, And parents will go off. All through it really doesn't effect you. It's just a creepy kid pasta that shows them dead. If it do scare you it means it was your childhood cartoon. But Lets talk about stockbad. So Dude trolled and buttfu**ed the wiki by deleting pastas and more. Why? Like He did cause of being scared... Then leave. On a creepy-pasta wiki you can make a pasta about a dark as ever topic and be fine as long as you're grammar and spelling good. I'm pretty sure a creepy-pasta wouldn't be removed for being too dark or graphic. Cause it's a creepy-pasta! IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE DARK AND GRAPHIC. If you don't like it then just avoid it at all costs. Pretty much I wonder Why StockBad did it. Does He got something against the wiki? Or did he just do this all for sh**s N gigs. Either way I wonder why he did it. But the creepy-pasta community is amazing. Slenderman was the first classic creepy-pasta to be a movie! (Might be wrong just making sure. It could of been another one before slenderman) And I respect everyone hard work they put into it. I always got scared of creepy-pastas but realize people make creepy-pastas with photo shop programs or picture programs, Good writing and a background lore. Like that's all. Can anyone write a BoJack Horseman Creepypasta About Depression or maybe about a lost episode of him committing suicide. (Personal section coming up) Like I'm feeling some myself after what my mom did to me. I had broke her chair and she Had my brother chastise me (If you're black you may have heard that word) Basically He came to rough me up. Meaning Since I was being disrespectful After she said I'll get you cheese Coneys. She had got me Penn station and I got mad after she said she got me both. I had been crazy and acting wild and stupid.(I'm 14) But saturday night I had broke her chair but I had broke her wooden chair leg. (All I did my put my foot on and kept tapping on it and it broke) After saturday night I had gotten mad and took her house phone and place the phone outside on the balcony and on the lawn chair that isn't broken. (I broke the other one last sunday during a game with my school friend on fortnite) Then on sunday my dad was coming to pick me up after my mom took the chair sat it on the ground and look at it. So skip a couple hours. My brother came over and I had my Laptop and my xbox in separate bags holding them outside. (At that time I just had my laptop before I packed my Xbox) And he looks at me (As I'm walking down the stairs outside. It's a sidewalk then it's a black railing with concrete stairs leading down to the path to the apartments. He says "I'm gonna beat your ass." Too soon. I was on my laptop in the living room couch, Trying to play war thunder. I said mom can I get something to eat in a disrespectful tone. And my brother says something and I grabbed the pocket knife in the drawer and tried to flip it to slit my wrists because at the time I was a bit suicidal. My mom near me takes it and then my brother shuts the laptop and holds it with one hand and lowers to the carpet before dropping it. I then went crazy and had lost it. I quickly get up from the couch and run to hide under the table. It goes crazy after he chases after me from under the table he says something and grabs me. At that time in my mind. I had thought to me it's over. I closed my eyes and didn't pay attention to any sound or pain I felt from him punching me. He grabbed me and punched me in the chest. And then punched me again after I got loose. Then he grabs me from the ground and holds by neck. My hands were on his arm. And he said. LOOK AT HER WHEN SHE TALKING TO YOU. To make it more worst I was crying because I was fuc**** scared and didn't want to be there. Like why is there so much violence when it comes to this? Why do people think the extreme punishment to your kid is gonna make em change? You only do that if he's crazy. I sat on the chair crying and my mom didn't like it and said Why are you crying? I DIDN'T WANT TO BE HERE I WANTED TO LEAVE! (I told school counselor and things go planned. She just said we're a good family but you need to fix your issues. I gave her my moms number she change the story. Basically I always think she makes it seem like I'm the bad one) My aunt came. I grabbed my laptop on the ground put it in the bag and started packing my Xbox. Then my cun* of a brother looks at me and said What are you doing Bruh? I just stand near the door with the bags on the ground. He takes em and put by our wall heater (Not the big iron one the one on the walls that got the white flap that closes em. Short wall heaters) So my dad was arriving but takes his time due to working as a custodian at ford (He lives in sharonville I live in cincinnati It's bit of a long drive) My aunt comes and I'm sitting on a chair. I had spit and snot rubbed all over me cause I did it. I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS CUTE FFS. I DID IT BECAUSE I DIDN'T CARE. He stands up like he's gonna do something and my dad calls my mom. We were in the car and he was gonna meet up. He didn't because he wanted to meet me at home. I was forced to go with my mom instead of wait on my dad. My Xbox one is gone. He took the console and left the cords, game, controller. And cause of this. She told my aunt, (Saw a text saying Threaten to take his stuff away or something), My cousin is not giving my late birthday gift (Birthday was 26th of sep. He was gonna buy fallout 76 but now I gotta wait til 34 days or christmas), And more. I hate my life man. I really fucking hate it right now. All this fucking pain and anger over a chair. This is a man's world. Just as once James Brown said. I may have been wrong but I'm fucking sorry. I had been repenting and praying my anger of stabbing my brother (He's adult old like 20-30 so he got his own house and car) I try my hardest to not let it get to me. I always know that the lord will always forgive me cause he loves me. I just wish I wasn't born with a curse. My mom smoking, My Grandma died in 2013, My Oldest Brother Pistol whipped my 2nd old brother cause he took his money. Like I really wanted to play fallout 76. I don't care about the reviews, i played the beta and really liked it. So I guess my life is a bit fucked. My late birthday gift is a christmas gift. (I had went wild in south carolina on vacation and my cousin broke my phone and never gave me one. Side Note: He gave it to me as a hand down since he was getting a new android but he brutally snapped it in half. (The carpet was our location place since we were staying in a vacation house) I hate my family I don't even think they love me. My cousin avoided my calls cause I kept annoying him about that game. I feel bad now. I feel like a Asshole. Not to forget my mom also had got mad at me that day I put the house phone on the balcony outside and she hit me and yelled swears at me. I'm gonna watch BoJack Horseman and eat Ramen noodles. It sucks how I have to wait til christmas to play a fucking game. Life is short. Too fucking short to waste man. I love my sensation of video games, Dark humor, And sexual thoughts. Bye.

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• 11/19/2018

I recovered a few stories


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• 11/17/2018

This is me trying to revive this wiki like I tried to with the trollpast wiki.

Geosheas Creepypasta Wiki @getfandom
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• 11/17/2018
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